Writing Google friendly content can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools and tricks. Great content is definitely worth the investment; it draws traffic towards you, brings in tons of ROIs and increases your chances of being ranked well by Google.

So what are the best tips for writing Google friendly content or SEO content?

Writing Google Friendly Content – Use Targeted Keywords

One of the most important tips for writing Google friendly content is to use targeted keywords; these are phrases or words that your audience will actively search for by typing them into the search engine

It’s essential you research your audience and their needs, motives, and characteristics. It’s also a good idea to use free tools to gauge the strength of your keywords.

Readability Is Essential

What makes your article rank high on the SERP criteria? Its readability, of course! Tips for writing Google friendly content include making your article readable. Meaning, you need to write content that readers want to spend time reading from the moment they click on the link.

Make sure your content is simple, organised well, clear, and easy to understand.

Don’t Forget to Use These for your Google Friendly Content

An article is not just made up of phrases. In fact, SEO content encompasses various components to increase visibility. Some of these components are:

  • Headings and sub-headings
  • Hyperlinks
  • Meta tags
  • Images

Make Your Content Powerful

Besides being high quality, your Google-friendly content should also be in-depth. To sum up, whatever topic your article is based on, choose to explore it fully and aptly.

Because users like to read content that is engaging and empowering, for example, a how-to guide, tips or similar material will do great on SERPs.

Creating Regular Content is Vital

Optimise Your Content’s Length

In fact, Google labels 200-word content as thin or weak. And research states that articles that have around 2000 words of high quality content are more shareable, read well, and tend to rank better.

So, if you’re looking to publish frequently, stick to the 1000-2000 word count to increase visibility, especially if you’re hoping for your keywords to show up as primary search material.

Help Your Content Be the Best

Above all, your wesbite page loading speed is also very important. Because according to some reports, if your page takes longer than 10-20 seconds to load, users will leave your site and look elsewhere for their information. If your website or content isn’t optimised for mobile viewing, you will lose users in this case, too.

Whether your article is the best Google friendly written content ever produced, it won’t matter if your page speed is low or isn’t primed for screen optimisation. Users are all about quick access.

Use Media

Including media in the form of pictures can also increase organic traffic and views – up to 94% in some cases, according to reports!

People are visual learners; our brains are primed to process more visual information than written; using this knowledge to your advantage and using high-quality and carefully selected images can do wonders.

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