Why We Recommend WordPress. One of the largest Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress has the largest share in the market. In fact they are powering 65% of the global market, 25% of global websites, and with over 24.7 million files!

Playing host to eager website creators and high-quality web pages since 2003. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world.  Besides its popularity, why else do we recommend using it?

WordPress is Highly Customisable and Flexible

Why We Recommend WordPress. Making beautiful websites has never been easier, or simple! With its flexible framework, thousands of plug-ins, layouts, templates, and other modifications, it offers the best developing experience.

Also, WordPress website builder offers various extensions and applications to make website design a seamless process. Thereby making digital designing an enjoyable task. Meaning developers can use simple features like contact forms, a membership portal, and even complex ones like ‘Analytics.’

WordPress is Simple to Maintain

This website builder is one of the slickest services out there. Which, compared to other CMS, customisation, and maintenance are minimal. Therefore making it a favourite amongst developers.

And the system also comes with a built-in management system which updates all features, whether you’re using WordPress on a desktop or on mobile. And the best part is that it creates automatic backups and saves them in a remote location for high-grade security!

Caters to All Forms of Media

Websites are a mix of media, not just text. So, the WordPress website builder system offers users the chance to work with video, audio, and images. And also offers tons of built-in media to choose from, too.

It also supports video embedding, which means developers can add YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and even SoundCloud files to their product.

It’s SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important when it comes to websites and content. Therefore, WordPress program is written in standard and compliant code, which produces semantic mark-up, making WordPress-made websites easily searchable on search engines!

The system also offers SEO plug-ins to further help optimise your product and improve its quality and improve SERP rankings!

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Anyone Can Work With WordPress

The best part about the website builder is that anyone can use it. From professionals to amateurs, WP makes website building an easy and seamless process.

With a user-friendly interface and tons of manuals and tutorials available, WP helps even the most un-techy person create beautiful websites with high-quality features. All users have to do is upload and arrange their material, media, and content, and the WordPress team takes care of the indecipherable technicalities!

It’s Big on Security

The WordPress website builder is one of the most secure platforms for developers to use. Working with services like Scuri, WordPress promises quality service to its users – and of course, protection against malware and other threats online.

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