Why Do SEO? Don’t get so busy that your forget your SEO – Business, business, business, the word just screams ‘busyness!’ We know you’re busy doing what you’re good at. But, don’t forget the important technical aspects of running a business too.

Why do SEO? Good SEO practices will do a lot for your business. Getting into the top pages of Google will increase trust, brand awareness, and sales. Your website, along with top Google rankings, will be a sustainable sales force for you. Google matches searches with relevant results, so if yours is way up there, that’s loads more potential customers for you.


Why Do SEO?

So, Why SEO? SEO, and digital marketing in general, is more effective than traditional marketing. Not only can you reach a much wider audience, but that audience is targeted for your specific keywords. An SEO agency will perform keyword research to source the most appropriate keywords for your business, and they will make sure that you’re found in search engines.


Why Does my Business Need SEO?

The answer to this question depends on only two factors; does your business have a website? Do you want to be found? If yes, then yes, your business needs SEO to optimise its website for search engines. Otherwise, people wont be able to find it. If people can’t find it, then what’s the point in it being there?

If you don’t have a website then your business is missing out big time and you should seriously consider investing in one. And if you do, then you will need to implement SEO techniques to generate good results.


SEO Seems Complicated. Can I do it Myself?

Of course you can, if you take the time to learn. It requires lots of daily man hours to work at it for months as an ongoing programme. However, most businesses would rather offset the task to a professional SEO agency who knows what they’re doing. You see, SEO takes time and specific skills. It’s a process that keeps going until you reach the top. And once you have, it keeps going some more to keep you there in that top spot.


Focus on Your Business Instead of SEO

We know that running your own business can be stressful, time-consuming, and tiring. Adding a website and SEO into the mix makes it even more so. It’s important for your own sanity not to try and take on too much yourself.

Doing it right will create enormous and sustainable financial benefits for you business. But doing it wrong can cost you time and money, and can also make you feel like giving up on the whole SEO/website thing, which would be the worst thing you could do.


Instead, entrust that responsibility to a professional who knows what they’re doing and how to do it well! An SEO expert is there to take the burden off your shoulders. If someone has been expertly trained to generate great search engine results for websites, why take on the responsibility yourself? A carpenter, for example, probably wouldn’t attempt to design his own website to try to save a bit of money. If he did, the end result would likely not be good (assuming he isn’t a whizz at web design too!). He would be wasting that time doing something he’s not good at, when he could have spent that time doing something he is good at and earning money by doing it.

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Outsourcing to an SEO Agency or Creating an In-house Team?

If you want your business to make a significant impression in search engines, but you don’t fancy taking on the task yourself, you’re left with two options:

1.) Bringing an in-house team

Creating your own in-house team has its benefits, but also its drawbacks. The (maybe) good thing is that they are there under your constant supervision so that you can give your instructions and communicate with them whenever you like. But you will have to get trained in Search Engine Optimisation techniques yourself and that takes up valuable time.

The bad thing is that it comes with extra responsibilities for you with taking on more staff, getting them trained correctly and also there are no guarantees for the results. Your team answers to you, and you are accountable for their results. If they do well, great. If they don’t though, what then?

2) Hiring an SEO Agency

Calling an expert SEO agency is the best option. There are a very good reason for this:

An SEO agency has absolutely everything to gain from making sure they do a brilliant job for their clients. They can hit the ground running, as it is their business and their staff are all trained and ready to start. Because they are focused and know the latest SEO techniques, as well as having some of the fab technology in place that won’t cause you any extra head scratching. Professionals will know the tricks of the trade and you can rely on them to make it happen over a period of time that won’t require any extra staff on your part.

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