This is What You Need to Know About the Customer Journey on a Website:

A customer journey is essentially about understanding how your users behave on your website, how often they visit and what you can do to improve their experience when they do visit, and how to make sure they come back. It’s a top Digital Marketing tip!

So, What Is a Customer Journey? Or ‘The Crystal Ball’

Customer Journey Mapping is basically collecting information where you can map out different scenarios using existing data that your customer has left behind. And many businesses make a customer journey template to map what a customer will do after opening your website. This idea may sound absurd, but trust the professional digital marketers, it’ll help you and your business in the long term. Not only is this marketers’ trick an easy way to guess at what your customer might do and how they might react to different products on your website, but it will also help you tailor make future products and marketing strategies to better cater to your visitors.

Since the internet has taken over, websites play a huge role in marketing your products. Now, more people are switching to online shopping. And with customer journey mapping, you can easily predict what a customer will do once they are on your web page. It’s almost like making a business plan. Let’s face it, speculating never hurt anyone, instead, it might help your business if you know what’s coming. Hence, the Crystal Ball analogy!

Benefits of Customer Journey Mapping

Anticipate and Learn

Through customer journey mapping, you can easily anticipate user behaviour and act accordingly. This marketing tool is there to help you better analyse user behaviour and understand what goes on in your customer’s head. It is a great technique to see things from the customer’s point of view and helps the business make better marketing strategies and products accordingly.

Increase in Sales

This one is inevitable. If your business actively uses customer journey mapping for your website, there will be an increase in your sales. Because, Journey Mapping will lead you to tweak and make the evident changes. It’s simple, if a customer doesn’t like something about your website and you know what that element is, it’s time to get rid of it. In short, this is a great tool to use to take constructive criticism to make your website even better and more approachable for current and potential future customers.

What to do…

The customer comes into contact with every single part of your business and website as you know. Therefore, you need to look at every one of those contact points from their perspective, pages, branding, clicking.. and work that site and everything outside of it to see what they see and experience what they do. Like a journey! Tip – Check the mobile and ipad versions too. Generally crawl all over it with a fine tooth comb!

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The more research you do, the more indepth the customer journey mapping is, the better it is for your business. And a great way to learn more about the market and your customer is user feedback. Firstly, you can get employees or friends to crawl over your website. Secondly, get them to really work out scenarios and give you a perspective that you may have missed.

From here you can commence your essential improvements that you have discovered in making a list of journeys.

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