What Website Statistics To Monitor? Your website is what churns profits, brings in business, and helps to establish your rapport with clients. Users are always looking for a great experience and ease of use, but how do you know if your strategies are successful or not?

The best way to see if your marketing strategy, content, and your brand are doing well is by monitoring statistics on your website. Here are some basic ones that entrepreneurs and website owners should be monitoring.

Website statistics to monitor…The Uptime

What Website Statistics To Monitor? Let’s start with the uptime which measures your website’s running time. And whenever a website stops working temporarily, that’s called downtime – and it can be detrimental to sales. Because people will not stick around patiently waiting, they move on.

You need to monitor your uptime to see how much of the audience is reached and how many people are interacting with your web page. And then this also helps to monitor your website’s productivity and efficiency, too.

The Time To First Byte (TTFB)

Website statistics to monitor? Internet users are all about speed. If you don’t like a website that loads slowly, neither do your users, and years of research has shown that many shoppers abandon their baskets if the next page loads too slowly. I know! I’ve done it!

The TTFB is determined by the following process: A request is sent to the server, which then processes and generates a response. At which point, the response then reaches the client after which the user takes an undesired or desired action.

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The Full Page Loading Time should be monitored on your website

As one of the most important factors that make up the user experience, the full page loading time can make or break your conversion rates.

To tabulate the full page loading time, it’s important to consider the ping and loading time of your source code. And see if these factors are hampering or enhancing your user’s experience. Another factor to consider is your bandwidth – your connectivity and server also help to provide seamless service.

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The Famous 404 Error

Your excited user will click on your link only to see the 404 Error warning. And Broken links are simply the worst for you and them! Ultimately, that may kill their interest in your site altogether.

The entire World Wide Web is built on hyperlinks and all sorts of links. And so it’s essential to check the spelling, arrangement, and existence of a URL before putting it out for public users to access. Because, broken links can irk your customers, damage your reputation, and also create a deficit in sales.

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Database Performance

Website statistics to monitor? Keeping an eye on your database performance ensures the smooth running of your web page. In fact, many times, a poorly performing website or slow page loading can be attributed to the database performance.

The overall performance of the database should also be monitored to see how to optimise various values and performance indicators.

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