What is Video Marketing? Video marketing is one of the fastest growing tools in the marketing world. Here are a few different ways that video marketing will help you expand your business and why you should use it today!

What is Video Marketing? Images and Videos > Texts

What is Video Marketing? Let’s be honest –people prefer images and videos over text any day. Firstly, in these bustling times, people barely have time to relax, let alone read a long piece of text. People prefer pictures and videos – this is why Instagram is such a hit! Therefore, let the pictures do the talking for you. Similarly video does this. Video can even evoke emotion and hold a great message. Make sure your video is not too long, though, because people might get distracted and not watch the whole thing. We recommend 15 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes, but make sure it’s 2 whole minutes of gripping stuff.

Engage with Your Viewers

Video is a great tool to engage with your viewers. And if you’re having trouble reaching out to your audience, or don’t know how to interact with them, video is a great way to do just that. But make sure your video is not so boring that the viewer stops midway. Therefore, make sure it contains a message. And, if it evokes emotion – even better. Because this will increase the interaction on your page and also will likely increase your subscribers.

Mix and Match with Your Email

Videos go great with email campaigns. Attach a video with your email, and we assure you that your open rate will increase. Viewers love videos, and anything titled ‘video’ is an instant yes! This can also increase your email subscriptions drastically.

SEO Loves Video Marketing

Another great thing about videos is how popular they are with SEO. Google’s search engines love videos, and this is why sites that heavily feature video content are always on top. They’re great because there is a higher chance of people interacting with them.

Videos Are Popular with Mobile Users

It is extremely easy to watch videos on your phone, and this is why so many of us do it. For example, Facebook’s advertisement feature where a product video plays in the middle of a different video makes sure the viewer has interacted with your product or service. Since the viewer is waiting to go back to their original video, there is a very small chance that will move on during the advertisement. They will watch the ad, and hopefully, they will learn about your product.

In the best case scenarios, your product might interest them and they might decide to check out your website. Even in the worst of cases, you still managed to bring your product out in front of a new set of eyes.

Easy to Share

The best thing about videos is how easy they are to share. Because you come across people on Facebook sharing videos almost every day. And if one person shares a video, that particular video will appear on the timelines of their friends as well. Therefore, not only does this mean that one person has viewed your video, but it means there a chance that tens or even hundreds more might view it through all the sharing!

In internet lingo, this is referred to as “going viral.” Videos are also a better platform to gain your audience’s trust by showing them exactly what they are signing up for.

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