What Is Mobile SEO? (Is it relevant?)

As complicated as it sounds, it really isn’t. Mobile SEO is simply the ability of your web pages to show up on search engine results on a mobile device. In other words, the string of keywords most commonly searched on your cell phone and landing you on specific sites – that’s Mobile SEO.

So What Is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO focuses on the on-page optimisation techniques to better search via mobile devices. However, the webpage that shows up in the results does so because perhaps it is optimised for mobile viewing.

 ‘69% of all digital media time is spent on a mobile device.’

Is Mobile Optimisation Involved in This?

Yes. Because web pages that are responsive to changes in devices and screens are more likely to show up in customer searches, due to Mobile SEO.

And web pages that have good website access, improved speed, mobile-optimised content, simple navigation, and interactive mobile web design tend to rank better in the Mobile SEO department. Basically because they are quickly and easily accessible.

How Are Mobile SEO Rankings Achieved?

Responsive Web Design

A web page that is responsive on any screen/device is the answer. Such pages load easily and become a quick favourite amongst users. Mobile optimisation is great for conversion rates! And of course, conversion rates lead to sales.

CSS, JavaScript, and Images That Work

Making sure to include these three factors above will help your SERP rankings and improve your chances at Mobile SEO. Because your users want full access to information which aids their user experience.

Lightning Fast Page Loading

Mobile users want the same experience of using websites whether on laptops or phones. Meaning your desktop website may be amazing, but if your users have mobiles, then your mobile site has to be the same.

Optimise Content

Whether it’s pictures, videos, text, or even GIFs to improve Mobile SEO and SERP rankings on mobile devices, it’s essential that all these elements work and look good.

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