Ever wondered how you’re able to switch from a desktop to a mobile phone app and get a seamless transition?

Well, it’s all thanks to mobile optimisation! Brands and organisations are heavily investing in optimising their products like websites and software for mobile devices. But what is mobile optimisation and why are brands taking part in this venture?

Mobile Optimisation: Ease and Accessibility for the User

Mobile optimisation is the process of modifying a web page and its content to make sure that it is available across different devices and screens without compromising on quality. In other words, the web page is customised to fit on your Mac book screen as well as on your iPhone.

Approximately 60% Americans own a smartphone and the average person checks their phone around 46 times a day!

Are you getting closer to understanding why mobile optimisation is important? Here are some facts to reiterate its importance:

1. Why Mobile Optimisation Is Important

A seamless visual experience which will keep your customers online. But this isn’t all that mobile optimisation promises. There’s more.

2. Easier Access to Shopping

Around 80% of consumers use their smart phones to shop on a regular basis. It allows them the freedom to be on the go and yet engage with their favourite products and services. After all, customers yearn for quick access to information and products.

In fact, some research has also stated that around 46% of customers will not return to a mobile website that isn’t working properly – a great loss in revenue. So, get your mobile optimisation in place to avoid this.

3. It’s Great for Brand Identity

Brands with mobile-optimised websites or applications fare far better than their contemporaries.

A mobile-optimised product creates a large brand presence, and customers and prospective users begin to identify with it. It helps to create reliability, trust, and boosts rapport. Customers believe that a web page that isn’t optimised for mobile devices alludes to the fact that the company doesn’t care about their business!

4. It Gives Your Brand a Competitive Edge

Around 40% of mobile customers have reached out to competitor sites after a bad experience with an inferior mobile website.

Customers like a quick, seamless and simple experience when it comes to browsing, and a product that is properly mobile optimised is definitely going to fare much better than websites that aren’t.

5. Increases Search Engine Rankings

All brands aim to be on Google’s first page, specifically the top 3 searches.

A brand that has a mobile optimised website is bound to show up there, especially because a seamless user experience promises returning users. This also increases opportunities for customer engagement; after all, mobile optimisation promises just that!

Getting into mobile optimisation is the single most important thing that you can do to start to engage new customers. Don’t delay with this as they will shop elsewhere! As we have seen time and again it can turn around a business in no time, or cause one to fail entirely. Here at Collate systems, our digital marketing experts are waiting to help increase your customer base. We have digital marketing and SEO services in Birmingham, SEO services in Worcester, SEO agency Malvern. Don’t wait to start already making money for your business! Call us Today!


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