What are Search Intent Modifiers? Search intent modifiers are words you – or your SEO service company – use to modify your keywords and phrases to match the searcher’s intent.

Firstly, a Searcher’s Intent depends on what stage of the sales funnel or buying journey they’re at. Because, someone just browsing, for example, will type in something different to someone who has gone online specifically to make a purchase.

A Search Intent Modifier is a word (or words) that you add to your keywords to suit the intent of a searcher at a specific stage of the buying process.

We’re going to take a look at the different search intent modifiers that an SEO expert will use, along with the different ways you can modify your keywords to meet the needs of searchers.

‘Buy Now’ Searcher Intent

When a searcher’s intent is to buy something, you can tailor your keywords to match this. And the alterations used in “buy now” intent keywords typically have high conversion rates as the original intent is to convert.

For example,  “Buy now” intent modifier words that an SEO service company will use include:

  • – Sale
  • – Cheap
  • – Bargain
  • – Order
  • – Deals
  • – Expensive
  • – Where to buy

As with all keywords, you should conduct a keyword research beforehand to find one’s that are relevant and have low-competition.


Product Research Intent

Intent to research a product is pretty self-explanatory. It means that the searcher has typed something into the search bar with the intent to research a product. But product research does not always result in a purchase or a conversion.

For instance, someone may typically research a product if they are considering buying something. But, there are different degrees of consideration, particularly when it comes to buying. And the spectrum ranges from a minor inclination to purchase, to a strong inclination to purchase.

Either way, a product research intent should not be treated the same as a buy now intent. The searcher is not yet ready to buy. But they feel they need to research first and then either make up their mind, or consider it further before deciding one way or another.

Because the intent is different, the words they use to search will be different. Some examples are

– [Product name] reviews

– Best [type of product] on the market

– [product] vs [product]

The good thing about undecided searchers – which an SEO agency will use to your advantage – is that there is already a consideration there. The searcher is actively looking to be swayed one way or the other. This is where you can tip them in your favour.



Information Intent

Information intent is a search conducted with the intention of gaining information. And although this may not seem like it will benefit your sales, any SEO service company will tell you it definitively can, and in a big way!

Firstly, when someone searches for information, they need an answer to their question. And if you provide them with that answer and they trust it, they will then consider you to be a reputable giver of information. Therefore these are the search intentions that build reputation, authority, and trust between consumers and businesses.

Also, a big plus of information intent keyword research is that you can find out what people want to know about your niche, and if there’s a high demand for certain information. You can leverage that and blog about it, post on social media about it, or add a section about it on your web pages.

For example – information intent keywords are:

– How to […]?

– Why is […]?

– How long does […]?


Work With An SEO Agency For Fantastic Search Results

All this takes time and commitment. And it requires in-depth keyword research and knowledge of how to use that researched information to your SEO advantage. So, if you’re not feeling too confident at doing all this, an SEO agency like Collate Systems is here to help.

Collate Systems are an established and reputable SEO service company in Malvern, offering all sorts of digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, content marketing, analytics, webpage optimisation, social media marketing, and ad management. We cover Worcestershire, Birmingham and London. Get in touch today!


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