One of the most popular SEO digital analytics tools is Google Analytics. It has long been providing website owners with in-depth details regarding their websites and customers. Almost every business has an online presence. And with the global markets going digital, it’s essential for business owners to be aware of how this tool works so it can help them shape their next successful digital marketing strategy.

So what should you understand about Google Analytics?

How Google Analytics Collects Data

After users have set up their Google Analytics account, the software begins to automatically collect information from your website and makes quick reports.

Then when it’s done collecting the data needed, it allows you to instantly access your reports for better strategy planning. So this means that you don’t have to divide the information into spreadsheets, tables, or documents yourself.

It Caters to YOU

It cleverly provides you with the option to customise their reports. Which is easily one of the best parts about Google Analytics! By providing customisable reports, it helps users to procure data that really matters to them without all the extras.

Google Ananlytics is Compatible with Other Tools and Platforms

And also, Google analytics can be easily integrated with other tools and platforms – and devices, too! You can use the software on mobile devices and link other accounts, like Google Ad words or Google Search Console.

And, of course, it is also optimised for mobile viewing and has an app on the Google Play Store. They thought of everything!

Get Insight on User Activity

Looking further into user activity is key to many helpful discoveries! And this piece of software helps website owners understand to monitor that. It looks at the Bounce Rate (how many people enter your webpage and exit without further interactions) and even Conversion rates (how many previous customers return). SEO agencies everywhere are onto these rates.

It even helps businesses manage the demographics of their customers. Such as age, gender, interests, etc. in order to be able to chart out the best strategy for their target audience.

Google Ananlytics Gives You Efficiency Reports

As Google analytics provides in-depth reports about how efficiently your content is performing across the platform. Whether it’s to do with your content, subject matter, media, and even monetary value- Google Analytics has something to tell you.

In addition it shows what attracts the user and how that traffic finds its way to your website. And it provides in-depth details about which of your targeted keywords are reaping in results, too.

But that’s not all. If you like what Google Analytics can bring to the table, get in touch with us today! Because at Collate Systems, we have experts in SEO, digital marketing and consultancy. SEO professional for Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London. And we would love to talk to you about optimising your experience with this powerful analytics software.


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