Targeted Traffic with SEO for Your Business – SEO Expert Advice. What’s better than lots of internet traffic? Lots of targeted internet traffic!


There are multiple ways of helping get targeted traffic with SEO to your website, including videos, blog posts, social media posts and advertisements. We take a look here:


What is Targeted Traffic with SEO

Targeted traffic is traffic (made up of people) that has shown an interest in the type of stuff your website has to offer. They are the people you are more likely to convert into paying customers or gain another conversion from. Because, it’s considerably easier to sell to someone who already wants what you’re offering.

Conversely, non-targeted traffic is random visitors that have shown no interest in your site’s subject. They could have stumbled onto your website through a link on another site, or have been mislead into thinking your site offers something they wanted.

Traffic can be broken down and targeted into different demographics. So, you can target people of specific ages, gender, location, and interests. The more specific your targeting is, the more targeted traffic you’ll get.

Where Do You Start?

First of all, you need to define your audience. Understand who they are using things like Google Analytics or social media analytical tools. Once you have a clear idea as to who your audience is, you can target them more effectively with your choice of words, writing style, marketing channels, and marketing methods. You can communicate with your audience in a way that appeals to them.

If you’re not sure who your target audience is or you don’t know how to find out, an SEO agency or digital marketing agency can build customer profiles for you. A customer profile will help you out greatly with your marketing efforts because you’ll have a clear idea of who you’re targeting.

Now Comes Your SEO Keyword Research

When you’re conducting your keyword research, think about what words people will type in to that search engine bar. Brainstorm different possibilities and make a list. When your list is done, use a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner to look up the most popular, competitive, and cost-effective keywords related to yours and your website.

When you’ve picked them, you can add them naturally to your website content, using different primary keywords for each web page.

What Do You Do With Your Keywords?

When you have your keywords you can add them to your online content and marketing campaigns.

Here are some ways that you can use your keywords to gain targeted traffic:

Target Traffic Through Your Paid Ads

You can use paid ads to target traffic by adding keywords to your ad. You can also choose the type of people you want your ad to be shown to and when.

Google in particular has some very good tools to pinpoint your target customers so that only those you want to see your ad actually see it.

Target Traffic Through Blogging

If you have a website, you’ll benefit from a blog. Write blog posts to inform your audience and incorporate keywords into each one. You will need to conduct new keyword research for each post you write and select a new primary keyword (or keywords!) for each post. It’s essential to make sure your keywords fit in naturally to comply with search engines’ algorithm. This will help you to rank higher in search engines.

Target Traffic Through Webpages

Incorporate keywords into your webpages. You can include them in your headings, meta descriptions, URLs, images, anchor link text, and the body of your webpage text – virtually anywhere that is relevant and natural. This way, search engines know that your webpages are related to those keywords and are more likely to present these pages to someone searching for them.

These are just some ways to use keywords in your targeted traffic strategies. You can also perform keyword research for social media channels and target traffic through those too.

Target Traffic Organically Through Searches

Any SEO expert will tell you that relevant keywords are one of the biggest ranking factors for search engines. So, not only are they great at targeting your traffic, but they also rank you higher in search engines.

As a digital marketing agency, we know a thing or two about keywords and generating targeted traffic. We’re also experts when it comes to SEO and understand what it takes to get the right kind of traffic to your website and blog.

Targeted Traffic Helps With SEO

… and SEO Helps With Targeted Traffic. That’s right. They both work together in order to bring about the best user-experience.

Ensuring good SEO practices will rank you higher in search engines, which will increase the amount of relevant, targeted traffic your site gains. Furthermore, gaining relevant, targeted traffic will rank your site higher in search engines.

The more targeted traffic you have, the more sales you will inevitably get. Working on your SEO targeted traffic is a no-lose strategy.


SEO is a big and important job that you may not feel confident doing all by yourself. But that’s okay. Entrust the project to an expert SEO company like us at Collate Systems, covering Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London. An SEO expert will be knowledgeable on the best practices to rank your website high in search engines, and get you the targeted traffic your business needs to thrive.



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