Identify Your Website Visitors Before The Competition.

Transform your sales process and convert more leads into business.

Key features:

  • Establish the identity of website visitors on visit your site
  • Engage prospects when they are ready to buy
  • Turn previously hidden website traffic into a goldmine of data and opportunity
  • Instantly access the names of decision makers from companies that are visiting your website
  • Use Site Eye as part of a broader sales campaign with other Collate technologies
  • Engage website visitors directly at the correct moment in the buying cycle

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  • Generate qualified business leads from your website traffic
  • Gain a competitive edge and never miss a sales opportunity
  • Leverage your website traffic as part of broader campaigns with Collate Systems
  • Add the decision makers from Site Eye to Collate– our relationship building platform
  • Maximise your ROI by understanding which companies are visiting your website

How can Site Eye help you?

  • Power up your B2B lead generation by leveraging hidden website traffic
  • Provide names, emails, phone number and addresses of key decision makers
  • Add leads to Conquest to fully nurture relationships
  • Take action immediately based on buyer intent
  • Use as part of a broader sales campaign with other Collate Systems tools
  • Cost effective way of gaining insight into possible buyers

Use Collate if you are:

An established sales team

  • Spend more time selling and wining business
  • Allocate your resources to the areas you are specialists in
  • Speak to more buyers and attend more sales opportunities

A small business

  • Put your sales pipeline on autopilot with Collate
  • Develop a stream of opportunities without direct involvement
  • Scale your sale strategy in line with your business growth

Involved in a B2B Market Place

  • Find the right buyers to engage with
  • Approach pipeline management with logic and technology
  • Build long lasting relationships as the foundation of sales

We can help you 

  • Fully configure Site Eye to help you harnesses the power of data and technology
  • Capture the best of inbound and outbound sales leads
  • Use data and cutting edge technology to create leads, build relationships and deliver an incredible return on investment
  • Use your hidden website visitors as part of a broader sales campaign with Collate Systems
  • Engage decision makers even before they fill in a form or take action on your website

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Working with Martyn is like a dream. Full of knowledge, help and support. We are working on LinkedIn project together and the results have been amazing. Highly recommended.
Andy Magic

App Machine

Here at LettsPay, we were very new to the corporate social media world. Collate talks us through everything we need to set us up. Then their system did its magic and widen our reach far further than we ever imagined.
Garrett Foxon