Saving Money on Sales & Marketing. Tips on how to. Any business owner knows that sales and marketing go hand in hand when it comes to creating leads. They also know that it can be costly!

Creating an effective marketing campaign to turn leads into sales takes a lot more than just running social media. In fact, social media is only the half of it!

Using marketing to create effective sales also involves advertising, content writing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – and much more.

And when you take the marketing out of it?

Making sales also means customer outreach, industry research, presentation. And a lot of hard work.

In many cases, businesses don’t even have a specific marketing team at all. Which makes it all that more difficult!

So how do you save money (and often time too) on these kinds of things?


Use Data Dive for Saving Money on Sales & Marketing

If you’re a business owner, using resources to help save you time and money will make a huge difference.

One particularly nifty tool is Data Dive.

This marketing database software takes the time and effort you would usually spend. It works through the sales funnel, thereby doing all the hard work for you.

Data Dive provides access to over 400 million GDPR compliant data records. It also allows you direct access to those all-important leads.

The best part is that it provides details to the right people who you actually need to speak with.

It means you skip past receptionists, gatekeepers and long waits for a reply.

Consider how much time it takes to research potential leads, but also, in trying to get their attention!

It can be exhausting phoning and emailing, only to be ignored because the lead is too busy or you can’t get hold of the right person.

You can save so much time and money by using software instead!

It’s also beneficial for marketing purposes. Not only does Data Dive provide contact details, but it also offers their social media handles, websites and links.

It helps run marketing campaigns, such as email growth marketing, and retarget your paid efforts across all that data.

All data can also be connected to any marketing campaigns you may be running across LinkedIn. Or perhaps an email series, for example.

Data Dive brings together the essential information you need, whether that’s to make a sale or process a marketing campaign.


Other tools to save money on sales

HubSpot is another tool worth looking at. This full-service platform provides inbound marketing, sales and customer service – and also includes CRM.

Elsewhere, project management tools such as Asana and Trello are a great way to organise your team and various projects.

Project management resources like these can help:

  • Ensure your sales growth is on track.
  • Your to-do lists get completed.
  • No areas of your business – from marketing to customer service – get forgotten about.

These sales and marketing database software tools are worth investing in and will help you save on additional costs, as everything you need is just in one place.

Outsourcing is also often cheaper than hiring additional staff, with employee costs such as salary or office space being pricey.


Using Different Tools for Marketing

Although there is a lot you can do with marketing for free, it can only take you so far.

When you’re ready to take your marketing to the next step there are different tools to help.

LinkedIn Ads is one great way to get your advertisements seen by a plethora of professionals in your industry. This also has a great budgeting tool to keep the purse happy!

Similar to LinkedIn Ads is Facebook Ads. This cost-effective tool may not reach as many professionals, but if your target audience is slightly younger and more social-media-savvy, then your advertisements may be more successful on Facebook.

There’s also Yoast, which offers both a free and paid version. Here is a perfect starting point and ‘add on’ when you’re just getting started with SEO.

This tool will ensure you’re using keywords effectively, getting the most out of your alt text on images and essentially creating enticing articles for your audience.


Outsourcing – Marketing

As mentioned above, sometimes it’s a lot simpler and cheaper to outsource than invest in additional employees.

There is an unlimited number of freelancers or self-employed marketers that can help you: create SEO friendly content, run social media campaigns and even help with administration.

This can help you save time and money.

You’ll also find many companies offering marketing packages. These include email sequence and B2B telemarketing campaigns which can be used on their own or with the different tools above.

You’d be surprised to find how much content from a company is actually outsourced and written by someone else entirely.

If you don’t have the right skills in SEO or engagement, outsourcing is often the best way to go.

SEO is extremely effective, but can take a long time to do and even longer to learn in the first place.

Engagement also needs to be a continuous effort. Whether that effort is in replying to comments on Facebook or tweeting other professionals on Twitter.

Social media is a 24/7 job more often than not and although marketing complements sales well, there is rarely one singular person that can look after both.


Free Ways to Create Sales and Run Marketing Campaigns

You don’t always have to spend money on marketing or social media marketing. Many of the basic tools and must-dos of marketing are free and cost-effective.

For example, every business should not only have its own website, which is SEO friendly, but it should also ensure it has up to date profiles on social media platforms.

For small businesses who don’t have the budget for  a marketing database software or a large team to spend time on marketing growth, social media is a cost-free way to see a return on your efforts and expand your customer base.


Social Media For Marketing

By updating such platforms regularly, prospective buyers can learn more about your company without you having to employ full marketing teams.

We’ve already spoken about the benefits of marketing on LinkedIn, but any business should have a basic marketing plan in place. Whether that’s using a marketing software platform or a marketing automation platform.

LinkedIn is the most successful social media platform when it comes to prospective buyers, as it is primarily used to network with other professionals.

LinkedIn is an easy investment of time and an excellent way to grow customer relationships.

As a marketing software platform, you can also run LinkedIn Ads for new and current customers to see, which helps with cost savings.

With regards to social media, as a minimum, a business can sign up to a free Buffer or Hootsuite account – for the purposes of creating and scheduling your social media content in advance.

As long as you’re sharing content regularly (at least once a day minimum) you can easily get by.



Then there’s also Search Engine Optimisation.

By making use of keywords, inbound marketing links and trending content, you’ll soon see your website at the top of search engines without using any marketing software platforms.

Many businesses should consider blogging too. This long-form content is an excellent way to share resources and show off all the knowledge that you have about your industry.

You can also use this as a way to recommend your other products or add in-bound links to other areas of your website.


Customer Service For Savings in Further Sales & Marketing

On the whole, it doesn’t cost a lot to engage with a customer. However, it does take time without the necessary tools.

Free ways to make sales also requires the use of marketing/social media.

Essentially, it is possible to: gain followers on the social media platform of your choice, advertise your product, and for those followers to then go ahead and purchase based on that content alone!

Another free way to make sales is through good customer service.

It’s simple, but very effective. Having great customer service will ensure people are more likely to remember you and buy from you.

Having a customer retention strategy is essential for ensuring customer loyalty. And remember, loyal customers usually recommend to their friends.

Good customer service doesn’t have to cost a penny. Looking after your customer reputation is important too – and free!

A brand with a good reputation will seem more trustworthy to clients, whereas a bad reputation can be completely catastrophic.

Some ways to ensure a good reputation are: sticking to your brand values and promises, making your customers feel valued and having strong values to which people can relate.


Quick Tips on Saving Money with Sales and Marketing

There are also plenty of simple ways to save money as a business overall:

  • Remember the old-school marketing too! Special items like handwritten thank you notes, or remembering to ask about a client’s children, can leave a lasting memory of a positive experience.
  • Only pay for what you need. One of Data Dive’s key features is that you only buy the data or tools you need, making it a highly cost-effective model. This tip should extend to other areas of purchase too.
  • Consider a four-day work week to save money on utility costs and salary.
  • Think outside of the box! The most creative marketing campaigns are often unique and cost-effective!
  • Consider hiring graduates or those fresh from college. Usually, younger staff know all the ins and outs of different social media platforms and can share a fresh perspective on how to run them.

In Conclusion

Sales and marketing are two of the most important factors of running your business and you should invested in them as such.

However, it doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Even if you’re a small business, there’s nothing wrong with considering cost-effective processes to create leads via marketing.

You should also play around with a few different ideas and platforms before committing to just one.

In some cases, outsourcing and using different tools alongside each other can be extra helpful.

Generally speaking, a database of potential leads and customers like Data Dive can work exceptionally well with the right marketing campaign, or vice versa.

By using these platforms, you’ll be able to pool your time and money into other areas of the business whilst these tools deal with the hard work for you.


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