Promote Your Explainer Video – With the evident shift in the content consumption habits of people, we’re seeing video content reaching new heights of popularity. The majority chunk of the audience pays attention to videos, which means marketers can use Explainer Videos to put out a powerful image of their business. A great Explainer Video is certainly the best way to catch your target audience’s attention and keep their eyes glued to your site. However, even the best video may not help you yield the desired results if you don’t know how to get the word out.

In a nutshell, you should know how to promote your Explainer Video or else, all your video creating efforts may go in vain. Here are five top tips for Explainer Video marketing that will help you make your video the next big thing.

1.     Send Video Links through Emails

Promote Your Explainer Video with e-mails. Firstly, no matter how modern and tech-savvy the digital world becomes and how convenient social media platforms get, emails will always be in the game.

You’ll be surprised to hear what a single word as simple as ‘video’ can do for you if you include it in an email subject line. It may boost open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65% while reducing unsubscribers by 26%.

2.     Promote Your Explainer Video By Leveraging the Power of Your Twitter Feed

Twitter can be a great platform to market your Explainer Video. Write a compelling tweet, optimise it with a video thumbnail, add relevant hashtags and description, and pin it to your feed!

Every time a visitor comes across your profile, their eyes will likely rest on the video link that’s screaming to be clicked. Hey Presto! You’ve set yourself a unique lead generation channel!

The best thing about pinning your video on your feed is that it speaks for your business, saving you the effort and time you otherwise would spend explaining what your business is about to prospects.

3.     Be Active in Online Communities

When people need answers, they turn to the internet!

And what better way to reach out to them than by jumping in online communities where they ask questions! Platforms like Quora not only support but also encourage businesses to include video links in their responses.

Make sure your response is direct and comprehensive – and let a video link make it even more unique!

4.     Promote Your Explainer Video With A Video Press Release

If you really want your Explainer Video to make some noise out there, a press release may help!

Even though a press release may seem old school but a video link in one is bound to work. In fact, it may increase your engagement by 55%. It may give you the media exposure that you’re truly looking for!

5.     Get in Touch with Bloggers and Influencers

Another great hack for Explainer Video marketing is to get bloggers and influencers to promote your video.

Because they tend to have a creative platform with a considerable follower base, which you can reach out to with your video. Influencer marketing is becoming a huge thing and you definitely should consider it for your marketing campaign!

Have you created a kickass Explainer Video but don’t know where to start for its promotion? Get in touch with Collate Systems today! Digital Marketers for Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London. We’ll help you promote your Explainer Video. And if you still haven’t created your awesome Explainer Video, we can help with that too!


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