High Quality Leads And Appointments

Specialist B2B telemarketers filling your pipeline with qualified leads

Key Features:

  • B2B telemarking service. Our team focus on the prospects that have engaged through Email Sequence, Site Eye or Collate
  • High quality approach establishing budget, authority, need and timescales
  • Cost effective use of time and budget
  • Specialist telemarketers highly skilled in appointment setting
  • A direct lead generation approach working in conjunction with other Collate tools

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  • Fill your sales pipeline with qualified appointment with prospects in your target market
  • Save time and money by focussing Power Prospecting on prospects that have engaged in campaigns
  • Use Data Dive, Site Eye and Conquest as part of the overall strategy
  • Extend the capabilities of your sales capacity with specialist telemarketers
  • Engage more decision makers and book more appointments

How can it help you?

  • Improve your ROI from B2B marketing with highly targeted calling
  • Use Power Prospecting to focus outbound B2B appointment booking on the prospects data shows have engaged
  • B2B lead generation is fully managed and run on GDPR compliant, clean data
  • Strategically communicate your value to specific decision makers
  • Smart approach to B2B appointment setting based on intelligence and analytics

Use Collate if you are:

An established sales team

  • Spend more time selling and wining business
  • Allocate your resources to the areas you are specialists in
  • Speak to more buyers and attend more sales opportunities

A small business

  • Put your sales pipeline on autopilot with Collate
  • Develop a stream of opportunities without direct involvement
  • Scale your sale strategy in line with your business growth

Involved in a B2B Market Place

  • Find the right buyers to engage with
  • Approach pipeline management with logic and technology
  • Build long lasting relationships as the foundation of sales

Why is it so powerful?

  • Power Prospecting works in conjunction with other Collate tools – Data Dive, Site Eye & Collate
  • Time, resource and budget is spent on calling prospects that intelligence suggest are ready to engage
  • Fits in as part of a truly multi-channel B2B marketing approach across email, social and phone
  • Our specialist B2B telemarketers are highly trained in securing appointments with decision makers
  • Rapid response to changes in intelligence, such as site visits or social engagement allow us to call at just the right time

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Really excited about the work Collate is doing for my sales team. We have a steady stream of top quality prospects that would be hard to reach without Collate. Comes highly recommended.
Trevor Hudson


I tried the Collate service, and it was amazing. It brought lots of conversations, achieved the goals that Martyn helped us to set and understand. I was worried about the human element, but the connections made were quality, and then I took over and moved them on. I was surprised by the positive nature of the responses. You’re not just getting connections; they personally train you on how to make it work.
Mark Nash

Nash Business System