Paying For LinkedIn Ads. You’ve have your personal profile and business page set up with lots of content. You’ve started engaging with your audience more and you’ve contemplated the benefits of LinkedIn ads.

You’re now ready to start creating LinkedIn ads and marketing campaigns with the aim to get your content seen and reach your target audience.

But how do you actually pay for LinkedIn ads to reach your audiences or grab their attention?


LinkedIn advertising

Paying For LinkedIn Ads. Before you start throwing your money at LinkedIn advertising, work out your advertising campaigns or campaign objective as a business.

LinkedIn’s campaign monitor is a great service for this. It will be your hub when creating advertisements and can talk you through the different steps to advertising types.

LinkedIn’s campaign manager will also help you and your brand workout a budget. A daily budget or other, based on awareness, consideration or conversions.

As with most social media advertising, it’s best to play around with a few different campaigns before settling on your costs or budget.

LinkedIn’s campaign monitor has a highly useful tool called Forecasted Results Box. This will show you target audiences or audience size that you can reach, based on your budget.

Take a look at different campaigns for different audiences. Or even social media marketing from other businesses in your industry for different ideas.


Paying for LinkedIn Ads


Paying for LinkedIn Ads is actually quite easy once you get to that step. To get there, your business must first go through four easy steps:

  • Select Campaign Group
  • Set up Campaign
  • Set up Ads
  • Review & Launch

Once you’re happy with your advertisement at the review stage, you can then go ahead and run the campaign. It’s as easy as that to reach your audiences and users!

First, ensure you have a payment method linked to your LinkedIn account/business page. You would have already added your billing information as you first set up your new ads account.

Billing information can also be added or changed by heading to Campaign Manager and doing the following:

  • Click the correct account name
  • Click the Settings icon next to the account name then select Billing centre from the dropdown menu

Here you’ll be able to add or change a payment method.

As we explained, it’s all pretty instant. As long as you have an up-to-date payment method linked to your account, your payment will go through as soon as you hit ‘run campaigns’.


The benefits of using LinkedIn Advertising


Once your campaigns are running, you’ll soon start increasing in leads, awareness and conversions and gaining attention too. Your target audience across the platform will soon start to see your content and campaigns. We often find the best piece of content tends to be the image or video format.

The more views of videos mean the more conversions from your target users and people into customers, clients and leads.


Tips for LinkedIn Ads


You should also keep in mind these tips for engagement from your LinkedIn campaigns:

  • Company size doesn’t matter = all different types of businesses can benefit from using LinkedIn ads.
  • Advertising takes time! Don’t expect success for your company overnight.
  • Different content suits different audiences. Some people like bold and colourful advertising campaigns, whereas other audiences are happy with just single image ads.
  • Just like your feed, a different type of content you post leads to different results. It’s okay to be creative – and take inspiration from other advertisers (within reason!).
  • Content is key. Take your time creating content not only for your ads but for your business page too.
  • Keep your target and goals in mind: there are different ads based on different targets, such as awareness, consideration or conversions. Remember your main target when it comes to setting up your advertisement and making leads.
  • LinkedIn is still a social platform and service so you should share content in various formats for different people.
  • Create marketing strategies that different visitors will remember.
  • Although LinkedIn Advertising may cost your company money, it’s worth investing in the platform to target different users into conversions. The advertising costs are worth it to get those leads or perfect customers.
  • Make use of Forecasted Results box when setting your budget to see what audience size you can reach.
  • Make sure your business page – and personal profile – are up to scratch before starting a marketing campaign. And remember the engagement with other profiles too.


In Conclusion

As long as you have a payment method set up, it’s easy to pay for LinkedIn ads. The tough part is creating the successful campaign objective/strategies and getting clicks from all those visitors and followers!


Luckily, we also have some tips in our other blog posts:



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