Page Search Optimisation – What is it? Do you need professional SEO services to do the basics for your page search optimisation? SEO can be separated into on-page SEO and off-page SEO. One involves working on your webpages, and the other involves things you can do off your site to make sure you get found in searches.

Let’s explore this topic.


What is Page Search Optimisation?

Page Search Optimisation is the process of optimising your web pages so they can be found in online searches. Its intent is to drive targeted traffic to your web pages, by carefully executing certain SEO practices that will optimise your web pages.

So what are the Practices?


Page Search Optimisation Keyword Research

Keyword research takes time and commitment. You need to consider what your prospective customers will type into the search bar when they’re looking for something you’re offering.

Additionally, you can find software online that finds and analyses what keywords your competitors are using. With this information you can take advantage of their success!


Keyword Inclusion

Once you’ve established your keywords, you need to include them in your website content. A professional SEO expert will advise you that a keyword density of 1-3% is the perfect balance. Keyword stuffing could be considered spam and could earn you a bad online reputation, particularly if they don’t read naturally.

You should have a different primary keyword for each web page.


Internal Links for Page Search Optimisation

These internal links are the links on your webpages that lead to another page on your website. These should be natural and relevant to the content that they are linked from. They are used for navigational purposes and they also help search engine bots to crawl your site, so they’re good for your SEO too. You can read more about internal links here.

If, for example, your visitors are on your homepage and you want to encourage them to look at what services you provide, you can place a link in your homepage to your services page. You can also link your blog posts together where it’s relevant.

External Links

And External Links are links from your website to another, relevant one. External links should be high-quality, and preferably lead to well-established websites.


Page Search Optimisation Backlinks

Backlinks will greatly help your page search optimisation. They are links placed on other, authoritative sites, leading back to your website. Remember, SEO is about being found by targeted traffic. And targeted traffic means relevant traffic. Therefore, if you’re associated with high-authority sites in your niche, your targeted traffic will increase.

It’s not just your visitors that will associate your site with authority sites; it’s search engines too! Certainly search engine bots will crawl the authority sites and find your website through those.

To gain backlinks, you can request a link on a website, either through writing a guest post, or simply asking if the site can include a link in one of their existing posts. Some websites will charge for this privilege. These are called sponsored posts or sponsored links.

Working with SEO optimisation services will help with all these linking-building procedures and establish the best websites to link to.


Fixing Broken Links

Broken links are links that don’t work. And this is often due to the fact that the linked-to destination isn’t there any more. Or some software or firewall is blocking the destination.

It can be tricky finding and fixing broken links without specialised software, but a freelance SEO expert will have had the training to find and fix these. Because working with an SEO consultant UK, you can save yourself a lot of time and ensure that your SEO practices are up to scratch.


And Now for the More Complex Optimisation Methods –

– Optimising your site’s speed

– Making your site mobile-friendly

– Ensuring your URL begins with HTTPS and has an SSL certificate

This is where SEO becomes more complicated. And while there are things you can do yourself, if you’re technically-minded and have the know-how, making a mistake and doing it wrong can impact your site negatively. For example, Google is now actively warning users against sites that have the old HTTP in their URL instead of HTTPS. As you probably know, Google warning you against proceeding to a website will usually deter you away from it.

To ensure you have all these things working smoothly for you, consider hiring SEO optimisation services for peace of mind and the confidence of knowing it’s all taken care of.


Collate Systems Can Help With Page Search Optimisation

Collate Systems offer friendly and professional SEO optimisation services to take care of all your SEO work for you. We serve Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London, and conduct thorough site audits before any work begins. So we know exactly what your site will benefit from. Contact us today.


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