Marketing On LinkedIn 2021 and how to go about it. Marketing on LinkedIn is not totally dissimilar to most social networks and websites (Facebook, Twitter etc). However, trends change from year by year. A LinkedIn marketing strategy may therefore change slightly per year, the stats of which, we’ll look at in further detail in this article. First, we’ll look at the basics that should rarely ever change.


The Basics of Marketing on LinkedIn


For marketing on LinkedIn, there are some things that up should always keep in mind.

Just like on Facebook and Twitter, companies should engage regularly with their users. This includes posting content regularly.

Most businesses have a marketing strategy in mind, or even hire a content marketing institute, when using this professionals’ network.

Page updates should include posts, like useful videos for their audience, infographics and all different pieces of content. A good piece of content or article should catch the users eyes, and turn a person or users into potential leads. This may lead interested customers to your website.

You should also use your skills to post feed updates on your company profile or personal profiles. Just like you would with any other social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Daily status updates will help prospective clients see more of your company on their feed – and encourage engagement too.

Engagement rate is also very relevant when posting on this social media platform. Companies should not only ensure their articles and posts encourage users to comment, but companies should engage themselves. This means treating LinkedIn like Facebook or Twitter by commenting on other users’ posts and sharing their content. A business should also reach out to a person or B2B leads themselves too.

Finally, another fail-safe way of promoting on social platforms like LinkedIn, is to join a group. This is a great way to find B2B leads and your target audience amongst your industries. You can also post updates to LinkedIn groups to help engage with professionals and customers across various networks. LinkedIn groups are similar to Facebook groups, if you want a bit of practice elsewhere.

Marketing for LinkedIn 2021

Keep sharing and posting and engaging..


LinkedIn Marketing in 2021


It’s especially important to keep on top of such trends, not just in the world of LinkedIn as a professional network but marketing overall. Statistics surrounding LinkedIn in 2020 had much to do with Covid-19 and statistics regarding employment.

For obvious reasons, 2020 hiring for employees was lower than that of 2019. Whereas in January and February there was actually a rise, once Covid-19 hit, there was less hiring than ever. In March 2020, there was a -1.1% change compared to March 2019, whereas in June, the change was the biggest at -39.9%.

Although we know this was predominantly due to 2020’s pandemic, it meant companies were less likely to hire employees via LinkedIn profiles (or at all) and instead focus on other areas of business.

Naturally, the content was less about job titles and more about skills and any cool business opportunity at this current time. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn’s user base is still much more focused on updating their profiles.

LinkedIn users also use the site for sharing their skills, growing connections and B2B marketing rather than job hunting.


Content Marketing


In terms of LinkedIn marketing, this may mean improving B2B company presence online (with a great profile), instead of sharing job adverts or content related to job benefits.

SEO is also a continually rising trend and an effective marketing tool, especially in 2020.

Whether you’re using eye-catching headlines on LinkedIn content or optimising blog posts with keywords, SEO is an important part of business marketing.

It can also help get sign-ups to your email marketing list (for that helpful weekly basis content), and improve site stats overall. All marketing executives include SEO in their marketing tips, no matter what marketing platform they use.

The right Search Engine Optimisation can bring users to your site and turn views into sales. In terms of LinkedIn marketing, professionally relevant content can also rely on SEO.

Businesses should be sure to use keywords in their posts and mix content up a bit to include webinars, videos and images based on their target customers.

Hashtags are also a great way to implement SEO on video content or images and will help users across the platform view your posts.


LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn Ads is another useful way to target users across different industries on LinkedIn. Like videos or video content, creative advertisements can draw potential leads or users in more than a big block of text.

LinkedIn Ads can also help to help target relevant users across the platform and turn a person into leads. LinkedIn Ads may be worth investing in into 2021, especially when job advertisements or job updates aren’t quite as relevant.


In conclusion


Experimenting with different types of updates and content across the platform is key in 2020-2021. Don’t forget to monitor the experiment by watching your stats. Which piece works best, when did you receive most engagement?

Although hiring on LinkedIn dropped in 2020, we know by viewing stats that the platform was still used just as much.

Any business owner should use this to their advantage. Don’t shy away from marketing simply because of the job market or statistics following Covid-19.

There’s still room for useful content, engaging with leads and sharing regular updates across different networks on LinkedIn.

If your company size changed in 2020, your list of marketing skills may have changed. Don’t forget you can always outsource for marketing goals if you have a marketing budget!

Your goals should keep in mind conversion rates (of active users or monthly users into quality leads), a marketing strategy and a clear analysis of yearly stats or trends.


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