Greater LinkedIn Visibility To Increase Sales. You can increase your sales on LinkedIn by becoming more visible on the platform. Here are some of the best tips I have encountered from LinkedIn experts on the subject of marketing on their social selling network.

Greater LinkedIn Visibility – You’ve made your profile just right, you’ve added a professional photograph, created an inspiring ‘About’ section, personalised your URL and have a killer Headline. So, now you’re like a shopkeeper who has spent months decorating the premises, researched your products and is now ready and waiting for the first customers. But now, as you stand watching, the people are walking past your shop and into the ones further up the road. No problem! You just need your next steps.


Content – Posts

Greater LinkedIn Visibility To Increase Sales – Before you put out your post, it’s worth knowing that a longer post has more views than a short one. You have a limit of 1300 characters, so you can use them all! People will come and see what it’s all about, due to the time it has evidently taken you to create it. You will further increase your views with Pictures. Everyone enjoys illustrations it seems and adding photographs into your narrative will ensure even more views. Therefore, giving you more engagement.

Hashtags – For the final piece of the puzzle, get yourself some hashtags!  You can find the ones that you follow or have recently used on your homepage, under your profile. Search out the ones that are relevant to your post and list up to 5. These will then place the post in front of the relevant people. For example, if you sell blue screws, anyone looking for blue screws will go the blue screws hashtag. It’s a simplified way of filtering out the noise for prospective clients. Have a look at the hashtags used on the popular posts that are relevant to your industry. Once you will find the hashtags that best fit your niche and are shared and commented on by your preferred audience, these can become your regular additions.

hashtags on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Visibility – use hashtags to reach your audience


Top tip

– don’t use hilarious emojis, LinkedIn recommend a more sensible, professional approach with bullet points, rather than poo emojis. Save those for your social posts on other platforms.

Native Videos

When we talk about LinkedIn visibility, we can take a look at your strategy for engaging with people and how this can be further developed. Let’s face it, video has been taking off in recent years and it’s definitely time to capitalise on it, if you haven’t already you can load a video of your business product, or premises. Or to demonstrate your industry knowledge or show your prospective clients around your offices. Create a help video with information just for your audience! You may wish to record an interview of your or your work colleagues.

There really is an endless list for this. Everyone likes to view a video! Perhaps you want to create a 2-minute description of an online event you have coming up and why everyone should hurry to get tickets. Attach these videos to sign up pages, information, contact forms, or whichever ‘call to action’ you want them to do. Once you have that captive audience, you increase your chances of future engagement. And, for your prospective clients, the opportunity to see something about you or your product, will secure who you are in their mind. If you don’t get them this time, the next time they require that service, you will be fresh in their memory banks.


For even greater LinkedIn visibility, why don’t you @ a selection of the LinkedIn customers or potential customers, that you want to attract, with perhaps a ‘thought of you when I made this’ caption? And don’t forget those all-important hashtags that will ensure it appears amongst the right people. By including the @ with your customers, even if they don’t straight away respond, your post will turn up on their timeline for others to see. Thereby multiplying your reach.

Further Tip

What if you read something in one of your hashtag communities and you have the answer, or an opinion? You may wish to include a video of you speaking directly along with the post about the issue and how you can solve it or make suggestions.


LinkedIn Publisher Articles

What it is and how it will help you to build further engagement and credibility with your potential audience. Perhaps you don’t have a blog, but you want to ensure regular engagement on LinkedIn without constantly being on there.

It is available on your desk top computer, not your mobile. Get yourself onto the desktop and start creating your posts. You can save drafts and come back to them later. There’s nothing like being interrupted in the middle of creating a post, it throws you off your thread. Or worse, you’ve got halfway through and you need a break in order to help your brain recalculate where you were going with the post!


create your content in Word first. Word will help pick up those annoying typos and spelling errors. Also, note you cannot do this from a company page, only your personal page can provide this.

    • Pictures on Publisher
      One of the nice things about these publisher pieces is that you can pick a bright, eye catching banner. Perhaps you have a relevant banner that highlights a product or offer that you have on at the moment.
      Note – The pictures are 744 x 400 pixels. Although 1400 by 400 looks nicer in the end result, the former is recommended by the industry experts. The smaller one fits the thumbnail.
      Do ensure that your headline is strong to encourage people to start to view it. This, plus the picture will be the first thing they view. A bit like the head shot that I mentioned in a previous blog, make it count!


    • Length
      The longer the better! Anything from 3,000 to 10,000 words, the reader will simply skip to the parts that interest them most. But the more you have available to be read, the more likely they are to have a browse. Ensure you have regular breaks and mini headlines to help your LinkedIn reader to find the part that they want. If they enjoyed this post, they will be sure to get onto future posts. You stand a chance of creating regular readers. They will come back to you and start to view you as an industry expert.



To Conclude

You will need to engage your audience, the correct audience and hold their interest in order to increase your sales. You can do this yourself, plus, have them coming back wanting more. This can be easily achieved with LinkedIn content. Posts, Native Videos and clever use of LinkedIn Publisher. If all of this still sounds like something you don’t have time for, never fear! Call us today and see how we can help.


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