LinkedIn Profile Tips and How to do them.


We have some great LinkedIn Tips to personalise your profile. So why should you spend some time on your LinkedIn profile? Is it for the same reason that you occasionally put on a suit, or repaint the office, or have the shop front redone? Almost. It’s more essential, because there are hundreds of millions of people on LinkedIn, and you need to make your impact within the first seconds of becoming visible or face losing their interest.

It’s faster than speed networking in that sense! If you go on and like or comment on a post, you want the potential customer to have a look at your profile and decide to have a conversation.

Your LinkedIn profile is the first port of call in this online business networking circuit. So, make your profile stand out and reflect who you are, and what your business is about at first glance. Let’s look at your options as to how you can do this today.


1. LinkedIn Profile – Your Profile Picture


Your LinkedIn Profile Tips – ones that will immediately make a difference – Your Profile Picture – It’s the first place that people will look. Psychologists have conducted studies on this for years and we simply cannot escape the fact that it makes people decide who you are from that first moment. Even LinkedIn themselves recommend that you use a professional, head and shoulders photograph.

But remember, don’t include your children, your mum or your cat. That is instant death on this platform, due to the image that a you, a businessperson need to project. Imagine yourself in an interview with your target market, how do you want them to see you? Other ‘nos’ are avoid using a picture that would look great on a dating site, social network or the local police records. This can really put people off.

How do you change your picture?

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Click on the pencil icon over on the right. This will open your edit options.

LinkedIn Profile Tips


Now you have the pencil icon by the picture. Click on that and it will invite you to change the picture.


2. Your LinkedIn Headline

Make this the one line that says exactly what you do and who you are without leaving people guessing. It is going to be glanced at quickly and so the time is now! People will move off and go elsewhere if it doesn’t say what you need it to. Consider what you do, who your target market is, grab your key words and add a touch of personality. I change mine frequently.

Click on the pencil icon next to More on your profile page:

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Once you click the pencil, it will open a new tab and below you will see where the Headline is. The pencil to change it is in the top right corner.

LinkedIn Profile Tips


3. About

If the potential client has made it this far, then you’re in a good position to connect with this person imminently. Your potential target has been impressed by your picture and headline. It’s great news! They’ve opened your ‘about’ and they are going to pass or act based upon this.

Take some time to do this and do it right. Make it thick with information in a friendly, readable way. Concise, precise and interesting. Give it personality. Tell people your mission! It’s a mini blog of who you are and what you are here for. Be sure to throw in fun language and memorable information. You want them to never forget they read your LinkedIn About, but in a positive way. A top tip is to make your about message in Word to help with spellings and typos. Also, add a video and pictures to bring it to life! Maybe even a brief video of your project or your business.

About is on your front page and the pencil icon will enable changes:

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Below you can see that pasting in the words and adding the links and pictures all happen in the same convenient place, alongside the save button.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

4. Your LinkedIn Profile Banner!

Get a lovely picture that says what you do, or perhaps that promotes your business. I recommend you change this regularly to keep it current. Perhaps you have a promotion that you wish to tell everyone about? Maybe you sell climbing equipment and you have a picture of a mountain where your equipment has been used? Get creative! This can be changed anytime or regularly.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

The pencil icon once again is on the right.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Once you click the icon on the top right, it will allow you to load a picture from your files.

5. URL

Now, there are lovely extras that will make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest. Your URL for instance. Did you know that you can personalise it?

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Click on Edit public profile & URL

LinkedIn Profile T

Click on the pencil icon and you will find that you can now place your name into the space, like I have above. It may be that you find you have been beaten to your name, so perhaps you want to add a number to the end. Or maybe turn your name round and use your surname first.

6. Your Location

Another LinkedIn Profile tip – Make sure you let LinkedIn have an address for you. Why? People want to know they can trust you and having your address will assist with this. But most importantly, it will help potential customers know where you are. LinkedIn run algorithms which place you in front of your local customers.

When your potential audience run a search geographically, they will be given your details based on where you are located. So, decide as to which office, home address, factory, premises you wish to be found in. If you are running a hostel for instance, you will want to be found at that hostel’s address.




There are plenty more LinkedIn profile tips. This is merely the starting point. If you want any further assistance or help with improving your reach via LinkedIn, call us or call us with a quick email. Remember, it’s about being visible to the right audience that lead to connections.


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