Is LinkedIn free for businesses? If you’ve spent time exploring LinkedIn and what it has to offer, you’ll no doubt be wondering how you can use it to help optimise your business further. LinkedIn is a predominately professional social networking platform.  Here, users can connect with similar people in their professional network and discover new business opportunities.

LinkedIn is also a hub for growing companies. As well as being an excellent way to market a company, it’s also used to network and share content. Every company should be on LinkedIn and have a business page if they want to be successful!

That being said, there’s a lot of questions and many things to learn if you’re approaching LinkedIn as a company, such as:

  • How to set up a business page
  • The benefits of having a business page
  • Is LinkedIn free for companies?


Is LinkedIn Free For Businesses?

Before you can move forward with creating a business page, uploading content and joining LinkedIn Groups, you first need to know: is LinkedIn free for businesses?

And the short answer is yes: LinkedIn is free for companies. But first, in order to create a business or company page, you first need to set up your own profile as an individual.

Here, however, you can choose to set up a basic free account or a LinkedIn premium subscription plus. The LinkedIn premium subscription plus option boasts many benefits, depending on your reason for using LinkedIn. These include Career, Sales, Hiring and Business.


LinkedIn Premium Business Features

The LinkedIn premium business subscription may be worth paying for. Because it is ideal for both finding and contacting the right people; promoting and growing your business and learning new skills to enhance your professional brand.

Other features include:

  • 15 InMail™ messages
  • Unlimited people browsing
  • Online video courses
  • Who’s Viewed Your Profile
  • Business Insights
  • Career Insights

LinkedIn Premium Business members also get an average of 6X more profile views. There are also lots of helpful insights, such as a company’s growth and functional trends. In addition, there are ‘in-demand’ business, tech and creative skills available in video courses.

The cost of the LinkedIn Premium Business plan on LinkedIn is £39.99 a month – with your first month free.


LinkedIn Ads For Businesses

A lot of businesses also invest in LinkedIn advertising. How much this cost depends on a variety of different things such as company size and what type of Ad you’d like to run.

LinkedIn has a helpful Forecasted Results box in Campaign Manager. This you can use to play around with budget and target audience size.

The minimum cost to advertise on LinkedIn is £7.25.

Reaching Potential Clients on LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn Free For Businesses?

In Conclusion

To sum up, as a business, you don’t necessarily have to spend anything to market your company on LinkedIn. There’s plenty you can do without cost. This includes engaging with people, joining LinkedIn Groups and regularly posting relevant content – just like on most other Social Media Platforms.

And you can also use Advanced Searches to search for potential ideal clients.

In particular, LinkedIn Groups are one of the best ways to grow your company without spending money. To clarify, you can join LinkedIn Groups as an individual to find similar profiles to yours in order to engage with others. Or you can launch LinkedIn Groups as a company. Post content regularly on this platform to get ahead!

However, it would certainly be worth investing in LinkedIn Premium Business for all its additional features. LinkedIn Premium offers tools to help you find ideal clients, like what profiles have viewed you personally or what content is trending amongst your sector.

It also offers Analytics that will analyse your reach to more profiles and larger audiences with your posts and content.

Just like most social media platforms, you can go very far without having to spend a penny. But, if you’d like your company to stand out more than others, it helps to invest in these tools.


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