Is LinkedIn Effective for Marketing? Of course, LinkedIn is effective for marketing, whether you’re a freelancer looking for extra work or a business wanting to grow. LinkedIn is extremely useful for reaching bigger audiences, sharing content and turning users into customers or leads.

However, it’s effectiveness is based upon how much you are willing to put in.

Like with most social media platforms, on LinkedIn, you need to work hard to grow a following. You need to set up your profiles: both an individual one and one for your business.

It’s also important to post to your feed with rich content regularly and engage with other users via LinkedIn Groups. You need to take the time to actually socialise on the network, by visiting other profiles and liking their type of content too.

When it comes to marketing as a company, as opposed to an individual, it’s much the same. You still need to have your own, personal profile on LinkedIn. This, you will use to join LinkedIn Groups. Separately, you will need to set up your own, delightful business page. This will help you reach your target audience and turn them into leads, whilst you regularly create interesting posts and engage with other users on the platform.

Effective marketing strategies for LinkedIn

As well as using LinkedIn as a social media platform, you should bear in mind different marketing strategies. These can be anything from posting for your different audiences, using LinkedIn Ads and growing your traffic.

LinkedIn Ads

Marketing on LinkedIn

Bring your marketing to LinkedIn.


No matter what your company size, you can also invest in LinkedIn Ads to reach your target audience, with minimum of time and effort on your behalf. This will help you to grow your business. LinkedIn has plenty of useful tools to help you get started with this type of marketing.

LinkedIn Marketing – Think Profiles

Like Facebook and other networks, having a good personal profile is the first and most easy way to get started on this platform. Make sure you post regularly to your profile too, to help bring in all those leads and gain connections.

Don’t forget to also set up a company profile. Here, think about what the audience or potential leads would like to see on this profile. Try looking at different profiles across your own industry for ideas, based on the updates they share.

Business social media profiles should make it clear what service they offer immediately and include a company description. These basics take a short amount of time to update on social platforms and are a great example of a little effort to put in that can go a long way.

Quality Content

If you post regularly on the platform, join LinkedIn Groups and share rich content, you’ve got the basics down.

You can then take the time to reach out to different leads or customers – and engage with their content.

Even as a business you should post and share regular content to help find leads. High-Quality Content is key – especially if it’s relevant to your industry.

You should also share regular content like blog posts, a new product, the service you offer and even the best LinkedIn groups for your sector. Native videos are also great to share and an in-depth look at the service you offer. Video updates always get a lot of reach and engagement.

Facebook audiences’ are similar to LinkedIn audiences, so you can always re-use content across different platforms.  But always use LinkedIn as a professional network. You want to use it to bring in potential customers or potential clients, so share professional types of content (as opposed to photos from nights out!) for visitors and followers to your page.

Of course, writing content or brainstorming a new post idea can be time-consuming, which is why this may be a useful excuse to reach out and get a company to do this for you! By outsourcing this service, you can also look at other businesses in your sector and see how they market themselves.

LinkedIn Groups

As a business, you can also set up your own LinkedIn Group and use this to post a different type of content for your audiences or networks. This keeps your visibility high and helps you gain followers’ attention – especially if you use keywords, a trending topic or a particular niche.

LinkedIn Groups are a great way to share content to reach different audiences. Much like Facebook, engagement in LinkedIn Groups is key. You can also create a LinkedIn Group as a company to share content to reach your target audience.

Another option is investing in a LinkedIn premium business subscription too. This has many features such as evaluation of content shared, insights into leads and audiences and other useful features.

In Conclusion

The outcome of investing in marketing on LinkedIn can lead to company growth, conversion of users to leads to customers and even just rising engagement. It can help grow connections month by month, take the lead above other businesses or even find a new opportunity.

LinkedIn is definitely effective for marketing growing traffic – if you’re willing to put the work in. Like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, success doesn’t come overnight. You need to use tools to grow your audience, impressions and relationships – and these things take time.


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