Explainer Video Success and How To Track It: 3 Metrics You Should Use. Implementing a video marketing campaign is crucial for your business in the digital world, but optimising it,even more so.

Instead of wasting all the efforts, time and energy that went into creating a great video and then leaving it. Instead,  you should consider taking some time to track the success of your Explainer Video. This is the only way to stay on top of your video marketing game. When you know what’s not working for you, improving your strategy and getting the best ROI (return on investment) becomes easy.

Interested in learning the art of measuring the success of your Explainer Video? Dive in – we’ve some great tips for you!


1.     Check the Time-on-page and Bounce-off Rate

Tracking Explainer Video Success starts somewhere – The Bounce Rate. Digital Marketers love this, it refers to the percentage of visitors who come across your site and Explainer Video, but leave it without browsing to any other page. On the other hand, time-on-page is the time users spend on your page who don’t decide to bounce off.

If your bounce-off rate is high. This is when you’re unable to convince users to stay on your page for longer and you’ve probably not done a good job with your Explainer Video. It’s an indication that you need to make some improvements and modify your strategy to deliver what your target audience is really looking for.

Should you make any changes to the content of your video? Perhaps your video design or animation style needs to be adjusted.

Identifying the potholes and converting them into your strengths is the ultimate way to reach your marketing goals!

2.     Keep an Eye on the Click-through and View-through Rate

When it comes to analysing the performance of your Explainer Video, the click-through and view-through rate offer great insight.

As evident by the names, the click-through rate (CTR) highlights the number of users who click on your video. Whereas the view-through rate (VTR) is a ratio that refers to users who actually video the video versus the total number of page views.

If your video’s CTR is good, you’re doing a good job at attracting viewers. But if they aren’t turning into VTR, you probably should focus on improving the content of your Explainer Video.

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3.     Let Your SEO Performance Speak

Another way to track the success of your Explainer Video is by comparing your website’s performance before and after adding an Explainer Video to it.

If your audience is spending more time on your web page and the bounce rate is going down, well done on the video creation! Embedding a great Explainer Video to your page will definitely help your site rank better in search engines. This means more organic traffic coming in through your doors!

If your SEO performance isn’t up to the mark, you probably should be reviewing the placement of your video, its quality, and the content it contains.

While these metrics help you in measuring the success of your Explainer Video, you may further rely on the audience’s feedback to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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