How to Start Selling on LinkedIn. Most businesses on LinkedIn will ultimately reach the question of ‘How do I start selling on LinkedIn?’ Creating connections and building a page following is one thing, but how do you then turn those connections into leads and sales?

Selling on LinkedIn, or ‘completing leads,’ takes a lot more than just simple marketing. Although it’s a start! Once you’ve got the basics down, like getting your company page set up and engaging regularly with connections, you’ll want to start looking at promoting your services.

Sharing is Selling on LinkedIn!

How do I Start Selling on LinkedIn? You can start by filling your page with relevant content such as:

  • A guide to what your company does and what it has to offer.
  • An insight into specific products or services.
  • Customer testimonials.

You should post content about your company often, but it shouldn’t be entirely product-based. You should also post or share content that is relevant to your industry and the people that follow your profile or page.

Get creative! For every post that is promotional, share two or three additional posts that are engaging or about something completely different. Perhaps something funny or current? A wide range of content is key, but you should find the balance between sharing content about your business and sharing content that simply interests any connections or people reading.

It's all about balance

It’s all about balance!


Reaching Your LinkedIn Audience

Once you’ve got a great looking page filled with content, it’s time to start actually reaching out to people and trying to make leads. LinkedIn is primarily a social network for business, so sometimes messages of this nature are expected, but only to a degree.

First of all, you’ll want to find a good audience to reach. You can use LinkedIn’s search feature to find potential leads and customers, either by job role or specific business types.


It’s also worth joining relevant groups on LinkedIn. There are various groups based on location, industry, company and job role. For example, joining a group related to your industry, is a great way to find the profile of someone you’d like to sell to. It also saves time being able to look through these profiles for potential sales. The reality is this would be a quick route, as you already know they’d be interested in your services or products.

You can also share content in such groups too. Although you shouldn’t spam the group with constant promotions about what you have to offer, if you engage regularly, there will be opportunities to promote your business naturally. It all depends on the type of content. For example, posts such as videos that are engaging or inspiring, do particularly well on platforms like LinkedIn.

But do note – a business cannot join a LinkedIn Group. You’ll either have to join as your personal profile, or set up your own group as a business!

LinkedIn is great for social selling over a period of time, as long as you don’t go overboard. When you find potential clients or sales professionals, it’s time to start sending messages. There are a few things to remember here when starting conversations:

  • Be polite and friendly
  • Make each message full of personal content
  • Make conversation and try to get to know the prospect if you can. Look at their profile for topics of conversation, for example.

In conclusion

Basically, don’t just shoot off loads of sales pitches and messages to random connections and prospects. Your messages should be about genuinely want to help or benefit someone. Keep in mind that some messages can stem from a random conversation taking place in a LinkedIn group: for example, a connection request may be complaining about their current services which would be an ideal step for you to swoop in and promote yours!

Turning users, contacts and ideal clients into successful leads may seem challenging on social network platforms, but it’s doable. You just need to remember to use your social selling skills and still use the platform as a social network by engaging and talking to people: not just blasting of sales!


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How to Start Selling on LinkedIn
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