How regularly to post on LinkedIn. Posting regular content is one of the key parts of social media marketing and succeeding on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is about connecting with like-minded professionals, growing your business or brand and expanding your network.

Each of these factors relies on posting regular content, to achieve plenty of engagement, whether that’s as a company or an individual.

After all, LinkedIn is still like many other social media platforms!

Target those different audiences

                                                      Get to Know Your LinkedIn Audiences!


Content can be varied and aimed at different target audiences. There are also a lot of questions involved, such as what type of content should be posted, how often and when.

Let’s take a look at posting on LinkedIn.

How regularly should you post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Marketing

Once you start marketing on LinkedIn it is a whole world of opportunity.

The general rule is that you should post at least three times per week but no more than two times per day. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn’s platform is more than just a constant updated newsfeed. Therefore, it makes sense that other social networks may demand more regular updating than LinkedIn.

However, like with most things, how often you post doesn’t matter if your content isn’t even valuable.

You shouldn’t just post anything for the sake of regularity

You shouldn’t just post anything for the sake of regularity. It’s better to post consistently rich content, than post irrelevant material at all hours of the day.

If you can’t post as much as three times per week, or even twice per day, it’s not the end of the world. The best thing to do is take the time to work out a social media strategy and go from there.

A good piece of content will always lead to lots of comments and engagement!

What content should you post on LinkedIn?

There are all different types of content and posts that can be shared on this platform. One of the joys of marketing is that you can be creative. Some posts that always do well in terms of engagement are:

  • Video posts
  • Image or photo posts
  • Updates that ask people to comment
  • Content that includes a call to action for people
  • Blog posts
  • Articles that you have written

However, it stands to reason that different people like different posts! That’s why it’s worth having a plan in place and experimenting. Posts that generate plenty of engagement on Instagram, however, may not do so well on LinkedIn. Instagram is a photo-sharing based platform. However, that’s not to say photo posts won’t do well on LinkedIn too, but people to go to Instagram for photographs and LinkedIn for variety.


You should also experiment to see the best time of day to post for your business or how many posts per month (or posts per week) lead to the most engagement.

It also depends on the time of the day – there’s no use sharing fresh content at 3 am in the morning – unless, of course, your audience is mostly international and it’s in the middle of their business day.

As a business, it may well be worth investing in a social media publishing tool to help with your social media management. The right tool will also analyse your articles across platforms to show what time of day leads to the most engagement or how many posts per day should be shared across social media profiles.

To conclude

How regularly to post on LinkedIn –  it doesn’t matter what your posting frequency is – whether that’s five times per month or simply one post per day – if your social media content isn’t high quality. However, try to post twice a week and monitor how it improves engagement.

A good piece of relevant content should encourage lots of engagement and comments. Poor quality posts will have no place in post frequency. Companies should also invest in a social media schedule tool for months ahead that offers insights specific to their business.

Thank you for reading.

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We look at the regularity of posts on LinkedIn, what content flies compared to other social media and how often you should be posting yours!
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