How Do I Use LinkedIn Marketing? LinkedIn Marketing, like most social networking websites, is a great place for networking – especially with professionals. LinkedIn is also ideal for marketing, whether that’s yourself or your business! The social network website is much more professional and formal than others. This means you’re more likely to see rich content on your newsfeed, rather than drunken photos (like on Facebook). This is why LinkedIn is a great way to network with like-minded professionals. It can also be used to find job opportunities, share industry-related articles and grow your business prospects.


Marketing You On LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is dominated by both employees and freelancers. The reason is that you can create your profile to showcase your best work, contacts and content. It can also be used like a CV.

Your LinkedIn profile is a valuable tool. It can showcase all your past experiences and skills that you have to offer as an employee (or freelancer).

LinkedIn Marketing

Once you start marketing on LinkedIn it is a whole world of opportunity.

Once you bring your profile up to speed, that’s when the networking comes into play. People use LinkedIn to connect with other professionals and businesses and to make a new connection. A new connection can vary from potential employers or even someone who shares great SEO tips and status updates.

Connecting with a range of people will also help fill up your feed with useful information. A company may share a hard-hitting blog post about their industry, whereas different users share career opportunities or networking tips.

Marketing On LinkedIn

To market yourself on LinkedIn, you should use your experience and expertise to regularly update your feed with useful content. A great marketing strategy involves bringing profiles up to speed, joining LinkedIn groups and following relevant businesses in your sector.

From there, you can then connect to other users, check out their LinkedIn profiles and hopefully find a great opportunity! It’s always worth looking at other LinkedIn profiles to see how other users market themselves. What type of content do they share?

Don’t be afraid to reach out and send messages to others in your network too. No matter what their job titles may be. They probably have some great advice to share. Or they may have advice about other contacts that you could follow.

As a freelancer, marketing yourself is especially important, as essentially you’re promoting your own brand.

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

When it comes to marketing your company on LinkedIn, you should still focus on marketing yourself first.

Once you’ve joined LinkedIn Groups and connected with other users, you should set up a business page. We cover this in more detail in a different article, but generally, it’s a similar marketing strategy to the one you’ve used to promote yourself.

As a business, despite the company size, you should share plenty of rich content and post lots of updates! It’s also important to engage with your target audience.

LinkedIn Ads

You should also consider investing in LinkedIn Ads, which will help your content reach your ideal audience and potential clients.

This is the ideal way to turn all those leads into actual customers, but also grow an audience. Being seen on LinkedIn can help grow your email marketing list and become an engaging brand or business.

Although you can’t yet join a LinkedIn group as a company, you can create your own group as a business. Remember to invite your employees to help with engagement and sharing of content.

Whilst we will look at this in further detail in another post, setting up a LinkedIn group for marketing professionals or SEO enthusiasts, can be beneficial.

These groups are a great way to share your content to potential customers or leads. They will reach all manner of different people across the LinkedIn platform.

In conclusion

To conclude, the basics of marketing on LinkedIn boils down to having an up-to-date profile and being seen. This means engaging and posting updates regularly, sending messages and even connecting with people across various industries.

A great piece of high-quality content will also go far on this social media platform, so bear that in mind!

Although LinkedIn is very professional, it is still considered to be a social media network like Facebook or Twitter. Personal profiles on LinkedIn are like CVs. They should be used to your advantage to make a connection and share your expertise.

Like most social platforms

Like most social platforms, regular content and visibility is also key with LinkedIn. This could include sharing content about your new product or sharing a blog post about trends in your sector. Prospective clients across various industries are more likely to take notice of regular content and updates. This could easily turn any individual into leads.

That’s the basics of LinkedIn marketing, but it doesn’t stop there. The next step is expanding your professional network and sharing different types of content in LinkedIn groups.

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How Do I Use LinkedIn Marketing?
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