Getting clients from LinkedIn. When it comes to using LinkedIn as a business, one of the most common questions asked is ‘How do I get clients from LinkedIn?’.

LinkedIn is the social media network for creating business connections. In short, this is the place that businesses expand their client base.

Before you start reaching out to potential clients, however, you must first make sure you cover the basics.


  • Get your profile and business page up to scratch with relevant information like history and services. Your profile should also include a clear head-shot photo – and list the company you work for of course!
  • Fill your company page with useful content – or get your marketing managers to do this for you!
  • Start engaging with the connections you already have. You can do this by commenting on their posts or visiting their links.
  • Take a look at the way other businesses in your industry are marketing themselves – this may be useful for inspiration
  • Create a marketing campaign, either by using LinkedIn ads or planning social media content.

The last point can run in conjunction with your target to get more clients from LinkedIn – or aiming to get high-paying clients maybe your marketing plan overall! It’s worth having some sort of goal and ideas in mind first, however.


Gaining Your Ideal Clients From LinkedIn

Now you are ready to put your networking expertise to the test and contact other users. As a business, you hopefully already know the ins and outs of networking with another person – no matter what type of clients you want to message.

There are plenty of strategies ideal for finding high-paying clients on LinkedIn as opposed to other social media platforms. Once you’ve gone over the basics, you should start reaching out further. You can do this by:

  • Joining LinkedIn Groups
  • Using LinkedIn’s advanced search features
  • Personalising your connection requests

You can do research on Google to find more strategies, but today we are going to look at the above three in a little more detail.


Joining LinkedIn Groups to Find Clients

Joining LinkedIn Groups is an ideal way to network online. However, you cannot join a LinkedIn Group as a business, only with your personal profile. This is why it’s important to get your personal profile up to scratch. You can also set up a LinkedIn Group from your company page – this is something we will look at in more detail in another blog post.

Once you’ve joined various LinkedIn groups across your industry, you can use the group to find users to contact, share content with the audience and grow relationships. You shouldn’t use LinkedIn Groups to outright try and make sales, but instead, find connections across a period of time.

Before you start posting updates or a piece of content, it’s polite to introduce yourself and share your experience. You could even direct users to check out your profile themselves.

Engage with different pieces of content, send messages and check out the job titles of users part of the group. If it’s a group which is in the same industry as your company, this is a great way to see the different type of clients you could be reaching out to.

Take your time and stay in LinkedIn Groups: they’re also good for finding inspiring industry content and seeing what services another person may have to offer.


Using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search Features

Using LinkedIn’s advanced search filters may take a bit of practice. If you’re looking for high-paying clients you’re not going to know their names in advance!

We would recommend taking your time to play around with this feature, but there are some search term tips for narrowing your search. You’ll want to use the search bar to search by job title, companies or even events.

It really depends on what type of high-paying clients you are looking for, so if you’re unsure, try searching a job role and looking at the prospects. Check out the different profiles, look at their experience and the updates they share. The chances are you may find some of your ideal leads this way, or even an opportunity/career prospects for yourself!


Personalising Your Connection Requests

This one is easy: simply be human! When you reach out to message or connect to leads you’ve found via the search bar, personalise each message as much as you can. You’ll want to message them as a potential contact – not your company. You can do this by referencing high-quality content they’ve shared, asking a question or starting an actual conversation. Use their name when approaching all prospective clients, professionals and freelancers and, in this instance, treat LinkedIn like a social network. Be friendly and don’t use see it as a form of social media marketing.

These are just three strategies to keep in mind when turning professionals and leads to clients. There are plenty more ways to get a high stream of clients via LinkedIn so be sure to do your search on additional tools or processes.


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