Live & Actionable Intelligence For Staffing And Recruitment Companies 

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Save time on research and make more placements.


Collate Ra! provides you with a weekly feed of live roles that are suitable for your agency, along with intelligence about the business and names and contact details of the hiring managers.

Let the opportunities come to you

Intelligent Prospecting

Hyper efficient use of time, allowing you to prospect companies that are recruiting right now

Eliminates wasted research time

Easy to Use. Instant Benefit and Opportunity

Simple to learn

Saves over 10 hours per week, per recruiter

Credible and Intelligent

Position yourself as an expert in your outreach with facts about the hiring company


Really excited about the work Collate is doing for my sales team. We have a steady stream of top quality prospects that would be hard to reach without Collate. Comes highly recommended.

Trevor Hudson


I tried the Collate service, and it was amazing. It brought lots of conversations and achieved the goals they helped us to set and understand. I was surprised by the positive nature of the responses. 

Mark Nash

Nash Business System

How would your life change if you had a permanent stream of live opportunities?

Collate Ra! does all the hard work of finding the opportunities that are relevant for your agency today. Win more business. Make more placements. Increase your revenue. All in an intelligent and credible way.

Seeing is Believing. 

Book a demo with one of our product specialists today.

Key Features:

Spend your time making more sales, opening new opportunities, and increasing your placements.

Live Opportunities:

Collate Ra! brings you the latest, most current and relevant live roles for your agency. 


With Intelligence:

Our software positions you as an expert with key intelligence about the company, including growth, headcount and core specialities. 

Direct Contact:

Collate Ra! forecasts who to speak with, including names, emails and direct dial phone numbers.


All In One Place:

One simple login for live roles, company intelligence and direct contact details. 


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