Grow Your Website with Explainer Videos. According to research, the average attention span of an online audience is actually falling. Meaning entrepreneurs and website owners need to work twice as hard to create content that is attention-grabbing and makes users want to interact with it.

Experts claim that you can grow your website with Explainer Videos. And that they are one of the most successful ways of upping your conversion rates and growing your website. In fact, they work simply by keeping your audience captivated. Because statistically, people do prefer video to text.

Top 5 Benefits of Video Marketing

Explainer Videos: The What and the Why

So, Grow Your Website with Explainer Videos. Firstly, if you are just catching up, these are short animated videos that explain a certain concept in just a few moments. Secondly, the language is attractive, simple and easily understood. And the video is engaging and has compelling visuals. In addition, the overall video is just the perfect way to market an idea, concept or explain something.

And one of the most popular examples of Explainer Videos are those by TED-Ed!

So why use them? Well, there are 5 simple reasons!

  1. They’re Very Attractive: Videos that are short, concise, and pleasing to the eyes are always going to be popular with users. Let’s face it. not everyone wants to spend a lot of time on a certain topic.
  2. They’re Deeply ‘Sharable’: Everyone loves visually appealing content – and they’re fun to share, too. And that’s why visual designers should focus on producing visual content that encourages this ‘sharability.’
  3. Help Increase Google Rankings: Videos are generally 53 times more likely to rank better in SERPs. However, an Explainer Videos, on the other hand, ranks even higher than that!
  4. Great for Branding: Explainer Videos are the perfect way to secure your branding and visibility. Please check out our other blogs on the statistics on this. By using unique storytelling and visual elements, users are able to know that it’s you who’s produced these!
  5. They’re Mobile Optimised: Mobile optimisation can make or break the user experience. Because the best part about them is that they’re also primed to work well on mobile devices.As they are able to be adjusted to small screens without compromising on quality and content.

Explainer Videos are Awesome – 5 Reasons Why


Growing Your Website with Explainer Videos

OK, using Explainer Videos to grow your website is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. And why is that?

Well, research done on Explainer Videos reports that around 80% of viewers are able to recall a video they have seen in the past month! So, using Explainer Videos to grow your website, or increase conversion rates is definitely is a good idea. But what goes into Explainer Videos with big ROIs?

  1. The Content: Making content that’s simple, easy to understand and recall is key to a successful Explainer Video. Because your video should compel users to see it again and share it forward.
  2. Use Story Telling: Since ancient times, storytelling has been the best tool to engage an audience. Therefore, make sure you create a good script for your Explainer Video.
  3. Include Branding: Include your brand and make your Video unique to it.  In this way, you’re empowering users with knowledge and advertising, too.
  4. Keep it Short, Powerful and Fun: Users now have limited attention spans. So it’s essential your video is exciting enough for them to recall it and revisit it!

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