How to Get on Google’s First Page: Did you know that 75% of the people that use Google won’t go to the second page? This is why everyone wants to be on the first page of Google’s search engine for any relevant search.

If you’re on Google’s first page, you’ve made it. Here are a few ways you can make it happen (even if you’re a small business).

SEO Keywords Are Essential for Google’s First Page!

One of the most important factors that play a huge role in making your website and content appear on the first page of Google is the appropriate keywords. If you know which keywords to use to make it to the first page, you’re good to go. Try using dominating keywords that you know might appear on the first page for a better chance.

We would suggest using long-tail keywords, they are a great tool for us Digital Marketers. These are pretty common on Google, and most users tend to look them up.

Pay for Google Ad words!

Google Ad words is a service by Google that helps you appear first in the searches. If you are already paying for it, chances are you have heavy traffic at all times of the day. Google makes sure you appear at the top no matter how small your business is. This will definitely increase traffic on your web page.

Produce More Content!

Another way to make it to the first page is by producing more content. Also, produce longer-form content. The average length of content on the first page of Google is more than or 2000 words long – nothing less. If you have more content than other people in your industry, and all of it is relevant, you will show Google that you have a lot to offer to readers, and thus, Google will bring you higher in its rankings.


Don’t Forget to Increase Engagement!

Your customer is very likely to look you up before buying from you. According to research, 81% of shoppers look up the retailers before buying from them. Make it easy for them to find you. Increase engagement with your existing customers. Try to add as much as you can in your ‘Contact Us’ or ‘FAQ’ page. Get back to queries as soon as possible. This will make a good impression of your quick and efficient customer service.

Benefits of Being on Google’s First Page!

The High Exposure on First Page of Google

Of course, it is no secret that your web page will get tons of exposure on the first page of Google. Not only will you get high traffic, but it will also be consistent. This exposure will also be immediate. You will be easily able to tell where the clicks are coming from and what is driving users to your website. If you want to tweak your web page a bit based on customer feedback and the number of clicks you’re getting, now is the time to do it.

Improved Visibility on Google

If you are on Google’s first page, you are guaranteed improved visibility. According to a study, Google has almost 2 trillion searches every year. Now, imagine being on the first page of these searches. Appearing on Google’s homepage will definitely make you recognisable.

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