Want Great SEO Results? Ask an SEO Expert.

Get An SEO Expert For Great SEO Results. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a skilled area of expertise. To get results you need to be competent in applying SEO techniques to your website. They need to be applied regularly and consistently to get real results for your site.


What Does an Expert SEO Agency Do?

A professional SEO agency will apply the latest and most effective techniques to your website so that you can rank higher in search engines. To clarify, this is not always a job for your website designer, who has enough to do, unless this is another service that they offer in addition. In other words don’t expect them to do this as well, it’s a big job and takes time.

Here’s what an SEO expert working for Collate Systems will do for you:

Technical and Content Audits

Our experts will conduct an initial audit of your site and its content. First, this will involve testing the loading speed of your pages, then your content quality and length, and the relevance of your keywords, amongst other things. And it is an essential step in the SEO process because it gives us a strong idea of where your site is and what we can improve in relation to SEO.

SEO Expert For Great Technical SEO

Our technical SEO involves fixing broken links, fixing crawl errors, creating and submitting sitemaps, building internal links, improving the speed of your site, and improving the mobile-friendliness of your website. You see, we cover everything that can effect your site’s SEO so that you can get the most out of our services.

Keyword Research and Implementation For Great SEO

We conduct a thorough keyword research to pick the perfect keywords for your website. As an SEO expert for getting you great SEO results, we know the latest trends for your site and will optimise your website accordingly.

Link-Building SEO Technique

This remains a strong SEO technique. It involves communicating with authority websites to request (or pay for) a link on their website back to yours. Part of the link-building process also means linking to authority sites from your own website, as well as linking pages within your website (internal links).

It’s a lengthy process but Collate Systems is an SEO agency that can take over your link-building for you.

What Makes Great SEO ?

SEO is basically the things you do to make sure you get found organically in search engines. Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic because it drives more targeted traffic than paid ads do, and, it’s free! When you get lots of organic traffic you will be able to reduce the costs of your paid-for advertising. You could even increase your paid-for ads if you want to because of your higher revenues!

What to Avoid When You’re SEO-ing?

Did you know that bad SEO can damage your website in a number of ways? Some website owners opt for a fast SEO fix by using what are known in the industry as “black hat” techniques:

These involve:

  •  Keyword stuffing – lots of keywords, making the content unnatural to read. Which makes for a very poor user experience and you probably won’t get very far as a business.


  •  Cloaking – Showing different content to users than to search engines. This is an attempt to trick search engines into ranking your site higher. We’ve seen plenty of these!


  •  Blog comment spamming – Leaving lots of comments on blog posts with links to your website. People don’t like spam!


  •  Redirecting clicks to a different URL – The user is taken somewhere different than what was originally displayed. This is a sure-fire way to annoy your site visitors and get a high bounce-rate.


Aside from being penalised by search engines when your ” SEO techniques” get found out, these methods are not going to gain you any meaningful site visitors. So while these may initially seem like a good way to boost your rankings and traffic fast, what good is that if your visitors are being tricked, spammed, or shown poor quality content?

Your reputable SEO agency will NOT offer to do these techniques because they’ll understand the risks involved and the damage they can do. So, if you are offered them, run in the opposite direction!

Go ‘White Hat’ Instead

‘White hat’ SEO methods are what will bring you the results you need. These SEO techniques involve using things like link-building and keywords properly and fairly, without taking advantage of the system.These are methods that will bring you targeted traffic and what will provide you with a solid base on which to build your business and client list.

Collate Systems are White Hat SEO-ers

At Collate Systems, serving Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London, we firmly believe in the importance of establishing a long-term, reputable and trustworthy internet presence. We only ever use white hat SEO methods that completely comply with search engines’ policies. We know what we’re doing, and we do it pretty well too, if we may say so ourselves!


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