Get More Website Clicks by Hiring an SEO Expert. Every website click counts in the world of business. Your clicks will lead to conversions. Once you have those all-important clicks, you can work your magic. This involves gently encourageing your visitors to take an action on your site.

But the question is, how do you get more clicks and is it in fact better to hire an SEO expert?


First Off, What’s a Click-Through-Rate?

A CTR (Click-Through-Rate) is the amount of people click on your site (or search engine ad) compared to the amount of people it’s shown to. The higher your CTR, the more people who see your site are actually clicking on it to learn more about what you have to say or offer.

A CTR can be used to measure both clicks from organic searches and paid-for ads. Organic search results are the websites that show up naturally in a search engines. Their particular placement is determined by their SEO efforts and techniques. A website that has continually utilised a broad range of SEO techniques and implemented them well, will have a higher rank.

An ad result though, is a search result that has been paid for. These are shown as ads in the search engines. And their placement will be determined by their keyword bid and their quality score.

How do you Measure Your Clicks?

You can measure your clicks and CTR using Google Analytics. This is really helpful if you want to know how your website is performing in search engines compared to how much it’s seen. Google Analytics will tell you the amount of exposure your website has had. And how many people clicked on it as a result of that exposure.

An expert SEO agency is able to handle all this for you. They can measure your clicks and work towards effectively and significantly increasing them. A professional SEO company will have access to various technology and tools that can help them measure. Something you won’t have to wrap your head around first!

What To Know About Your Customer’s Journey on a Website


Why do you Need to Measure Your Clicks?

Measuring your CTR is a big part of measuring the success of your website’s organic search results or ad. If you can’t measure your clicks, you have no way of knowing how well they’re doing.

Consider this scenario:

After months of SEO hard work you have found yourself on page three of Google for your chosen keyword. But you really want to get to page two, and eventually page one. Even when you use Google Analytics to measure its success, you see that your CTR is high, but your sales aren’t increasing much.

So, now you can determine that your landing page needs more work to encourage more sales or conversions. This may involve a website redesign?

Conversely, if your CTR is low, you then know that you need to change something about your search display result, whether that be its description, title, or keyword.

The bottom line is, a CTR will tell you where you’re succeeding and where you’re failing.

What if You’re Having Trouble Getting Clicks?

It’s not always easy to figure out why you’re not getting as many clicks as you’d like. And it could be one of many, many factors. As you can imagine, the human brain goes through a lot when it comes to making decisions, and that includes clicking on your website.

If you’re not getting many clicks and you can’t figure out why, you would be better hiring an SEO expert to get your website ranked higher in search engines and get you more clicks.

How Do SEO Expert Techniques Get You More Clicks?

SEO ranks you higher in search engines, thus increasing your visibility, and in turn, increasing your clicks. And, again, increasing your sales and conversions.

More clicks with an SEO Expert then? A reputable, professional SEO company such as Collate Systems, covering Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London. We will be able to increase your search engine rankings, and work with you to determine the best ways to reach your audience organically. They will know that more clicks equals a higher ranking, and a higher ranking equals more clicks! They will therefore know how to get you both!

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