Collate Features

11 Separate Touch Points

Engage your prospects across 11 separate touch points including LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Text, Letters & Phone Calls

Personalised Sales Materials

Let you buyers know how much you care by sharing personalised sales materials, ranging from brochures to whitepapers to unique marketing materials.
The Collate Systems delivers complete personalisation as standard.

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This is B2B lead generation 2.0

Multi Channel Approach

Build relationships on via the channels that matter to your buyers. Adjust your sales cadences within Collate to suit buyer preferences.

Unlimited Sales Cadences

Build as many sales processes as you require. Base them on buyer persona’s, expected order values, sales cycles or any other internal requirements you have.

About the system

Your multi-channel outbound prospecting service. As unique as you are.

Personalised messaging for every lead

Prospects respond more frequently, and willingly, when messaging is unique, customised and relevant. Collate delivers unique messaging to every prospect in

Simple and easy to learn interface

You’ll be logging in and using Collate in no time. Behind the scenes, there is an incredible amount of technology. For our end users, we’ve made it as simple as possible.

How do you get involved?

Getting started is simple. You will have a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process.

Fully account managed service

Our team will ensure your sales cadences, written copy and personalised sales materials are all set up within the system. It’s a turn key solution to help your sales people sell more.

Data enrichment and data upgrades

We’ll forecast the professional email addresses of your prospects, along with identifying their social media details, addresses and company phone numbers.


After attending the Collate Systems training, I can say, from experience, that it’s the single most valuable training I have received. Insightful, actionable, and practical advice which will revolutionise your online profiles to truly engage with your audience.
Douglas Kirkpatrick

Clear Branding

Really excited about the work Martyn is doing for my sales team. We have a steady stream of top quality prospects that would be hard to reach without Martyn. Comes highly recommended.
Trevor Hudson

Sales Director, MEWA

Lifetime access to new features

Innovation is at the core of Collate. There’s an exciting roadmap of new features which our customers gain access to free of charge.

Designed to enhance your reputation and credibility

Get to know every prospect in a respectful, courteous, and intelligent method. Demonstrate your authority and thought leadership as you build relationships consistently.

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