Scale Up Your Results. Scale Down Your Effort. 

Fully managed email sequences putting a rocket under your outreach.

Key Features:

  • Complex email sequences targeted directly at the decision makers in your market place
  • Comprehensive analytics designed to maximise your ROI
  • Email Sequence works along side other Collate Systems tools – including Collate, Data Dive and Site Eye
  • Campaigns include sophisticated delivery with triggers, delays and separate paths based on recipient behaviour
  • Fully managed service, including identification of audience, design of emails,  and delivery

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  • Run sales campaigns on data and intelligence by tracking opens, clicks and website visits
  • Use Email Sequence as part of a broader campaign – add interested leads to Collate or see who’s visiting your website through Site Eye
  • Narrow in on which prospects you should focus your time on – optimising your sales strategy
  • Deliver personalised emails and sequences based on recipient actions
  • Works in conjunction with Data Dive to ensure you are targeting the correct decision makers

How Can It Help You?

  • Scale up your email outreach in a GDRP compliant way
  • Identify which buyers are interested in your service through comprehensive analytics
  • Add interested buyers to Conquest to continue to cultivate the relationship
  • Provide your sales team with fresh warm leads on a daily basis
  • Fully managed service meaning you can focus on selling

Use Email Sequence If You Are:

An established sales team

  • Spend more time selling and wining business
  • Allocate your resources to the areas you are specialists in
  • Speak to more buyers and attend more sales opportunities

A small business

  • Put your sales pipeline on autopilot with Collate
  • Develop a stream of opportunities without direct involvement
  • Scale your sale strategy in line with your business growth

Involved in a B2B Market Place

  • Find the right buyers to engage with
  • Approach pipeline management with logic and technology
  • Build long lasting relationships as the foundation of sales

Why is it so powerful?

  • Email Sequence works as part of the broader Collate tools
  • We create the data, run the campaigns and follow up, leaving you to focus on winning more business
  • Our powerful analytics and suite of tools means engaged leads are funnelled into B2B telemarketing campaigns and added to Collate
  • Use Email Sequence to scale up your prospecting and outbound sales campaign in a cost effective way
  • Save time and money by using outside expertise to extend your internal sales capability

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I tried the Collate service, and it was amazing. It brought lots of conversations, achieved the goals that Martyn helped us to set and understand. I was worried about the human element, but the connections made were quality, and then I took over and moved them on. I was surprised by the positive nature of the responses. You’re not just getting connections; they personally train you on how to make it work.
Mark Nash

Nash Business System

After attending the Collate Systems training, I can say, from experience, that it’s the single most valuable training I have received. Insightful, actionable, and practical advice which will revolutionise your online profiles to truly engage with your audience.
Douglas Kirkpatrick

Clear Branding