This blog covers the topic of B2B Email Marketing and contains a lot of interesting information and guidance. However, if you’d rather take an easier route to success, please do check out the ‘collate systems’ approach. We don’t just offer consultancy, we actually run your lead generation programme for you, it all requiring minimal intervention by yourself. We really do ‘Walk the Walk’, but not only that, we carry you all the way too.

Email marketing is known to be one of the most effective methods of delivering new business and leads.

Email marketing – the best form of marketing campaign

Data shows that it delivers the highest ROI of any digital channel. Many businesses do not use this method and that can be a critical mistake. When used correctly, email marketing, based on a high quality GDPR compliant data list, is a highly successful way of obtaining that vital new business.

The important factor, the point that makes all the difference in whether a list is good or bad, is that the good ones contain the decision-makers in the company that you that you wish to win business from.

An alternative to list building

It is of course quite possible for any business to create their own list of email contact addresses. However, this is a time consuming process and you always run the risk of adding an email address that is barred from use by the GDPR regulations or otherwise breaks any spam laws. Overall, it is better to leave such matters to an expert data list provider. Such providers will supply high quality lists, compiled from trusted sources and carefully sorted and sifted, the data offering the very best chance of maximising sales leads.

Target audience and Segmentation

The best lists are Highly targeted – The data collated being classified so that you can identify the companies and decision-makers that are likely to provide the best returns. The lists are constructed from any combination of industry sector, business type and size, geographical location, demographic and job description / title.

Great Value Business Lists

Best Value for money – The very best lists contain not only the right contact data, they are also highly targeted, in that they only hold the names and addresses of those companies that are most likely to convert.

This makes them not only highly effective – lowering such factors as ‘bounce rates’,  but also fantastic value for money, as you’re only paying for the contact data that is most likely to be interested in purchasing your product or service.

Automate the process

In order to maximise the chances of creating leads and sales, you should consider some form of marketing automation, and of course, you must always ensure that any message includes clear call to action statements. Similarly, the choice of the right subject line for each email is vital.

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