Cost / Benefit of Using Collate

Collate is your virtual business development manager. Our systems perform 80% of the role of a sales person, at typically less than 30% of the cost.

Sales Process Campaign – Delivered In-House


Hourly cost of sales person


Average number of hours worked per day
5 days per week = 25 hours of sales productivity @ a cost of
Total cost
£2687.50 for 107.5 hours of sales productivity
(4.3 weeks in a month)

Sales Campaign – Delivered Via Collate Systems


Monthly Cost of Campaign

£1250 + VAT

Average number of hours worked per day
6 days per week = 36 hours of productivity per week
Total cost
£1250 +VAT for 155 hours of sales productivity


After attending the Collate Systems training, I can say, from experience, that it’s the single
most valuable training I have received. Insightful, actionable, and practical advice which
will revolutionise your online profiles to truly engage with your audience.
Douglas Kirkpatrick

Clear Branding

I tried the Collate service, and it was amazing. It brought lots of conversations, achieved the goals that Martyn helped us to set and understand. I was worried about the human element, but the connections made were quality, and then I took over and moved them on. I was surprised by the positive nature of the responses. You’re not just getting connections; they personally train you on how to make it work.
Mark Nash

Nash Business System