Competitor Research – Keeping Up With the Joneses. Also known as Competitor Analysis – may sound like a chore. But it’s something that will save you time, money, and probably a lot of stress in the long run. And let’s face it, we could all do with a bit less stress!

You can either hire an SEO company or do Competitor Research yourself.


Competitor Research or Analysis – What is it?

So, Competitor Research, what is it? is taking a detailed look at what your competitors are doing, and using that information to do it even better!

Also, Competitor Research enables you to see exactly what your competitors’ audiences interact with most, and how frequently your competitors post. It also shows you details of their search engine ranking success by analysing what keywords they’re are ranking for and what links they’re associated with.

All these factors together have determined your competitors’ success. And Competitor Research will help with your success too. You can take all this information and effectively “copy” it and improve it.

It’s a method that every SEO expert does. As a professional SEO company, we’ve seen time-and-time again the positive impact competitor analysis can have on a business. If you’re not jumping on board the simple truth is, you’re missing out, especially if your competitors have hired an SEO company UK.


What can you Analyse?

There are loads of aspects of your competitors’ success you can analyse. Here are a few to get you started:

– Their content – Content can be any form of media like text, images, video, and infographics.

– Secondly, their ranking in search engines, as well as domain authority and page authority.

– Their social media channels

– Finally, their SEO – including keywords, backlinks, and internal links


How Do You Know if a Competitor is Doing Well?

You know what to analyse, but that’s not much use without knowing how to analyse.

Begin by typing your keywords into a search engine like Google. Then, ignore the first few sponsored results and select the first organic result. Finally, determine that website’s success by checking their domain authority and page authority using a tool like Check Moz.

The site will have a score from 0-100. And a score between 40 and 50 is an average score. A good score is between 50 and 60, and an excellent score is anything above 60.

If the URL you’ve typed in has a high score, you can then proceed to analyse that site.

A detailed look at How to Research a Competitor

Website and Blog Content – Analyse the quality of the content, and the type of content the site is posting. Look for the tone and style which will give you a good indication of what your prospective customers like.

Secondly, see how often they are posting on their blog and what sort of comments they receive on them. Because, comments from their audience can provide you with some valuable feedback as to what they actually think of the posted content.

Social Media Channels – As with website content, you should analyse the type of content that your competitors are posting on social media and how frequently. Social media channels can give you huge insights into what sort of stuff people comment on, share, and “like” the most. Things like polls, videos, and competitions typically do well for a lot of businesses, so keep an eye out for these too.

SEO – See what sites your competitor’s site links to and from. For a monthly fee, websites like AHREFS have tools that show you all the links associated with a URL, including backlinks. Alternatively, an SEO company can conduct competitor analysis for you, usually inclusive in their packages.


Build a Strategy

As you’re doing your Competitor Research, take detailed notes so you can form a plan for your business. Consider ways you can improve on your competitors’ success. Separate your plan into sections of Website Content, Social Media, and SEO and go from there.

If you haven’t already, consider hiring an SEO company to make the most out of your research.


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