Rapport. Credibility. Relationships. Sales.

This is B2B lead generation 2.0

Your multi-channel outbound prospecting service. As unique as you are.

Key features:

  • New leads added on a daily basis
  • Unique sales cadences created for multiple buyer personas
  • Regular contact maintained with your prospects
  • Best in class sales processes, spanning across LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, Text, Letter & Phone Calls
  • Enriches your data with emails, social media, addresses and contact numbers
  • Inserts your involvement at exactly the right time in the cycle

Our process


  • Social selling best practices – build rapport and credibility with your buyers prior to sales calls
  • Smart allocation of time, tasks and priorities
  • Unlimited length of sales cadences
  • Personalized sales materials targeted for each prospect
  • Simple to use dashboard system
  • Self-serve or fully managed services available

Use Collate if you are:

An established sales team

  • Spend more time selling and wining business
  • Allocate your resources to the areas you are specialists in
  • Speak to more buyers and attend more sales opportunities

A small business

  • Put your sales pipeline on autopilot with Collate
  • Develop a stream of opportunities without direct involvement
  • Scale your sale strategy in line with your business growth

Involved in a B2B Market Place

  • Find the right buyers to engage with
  • Approach pipeline management with logic and technology
  • Build long lasting relationships as the foundation of sales

Let us help you:

  • Build the perfect sales cadences
  • Write persuasive and compelling copy
  • Profile your target market place
  • Insert you into the conversations and topics that your buyers care about
  • Create more relationships and secure a great ROI

Why does Collate work so well? 

  • Powered by cutting edge technology, using the latest data enrichment tools
  • Uses social selling best practices to build relationships ahead of sales
  • Consistent, methodical, and logical approach to winning new business
  • Huge time reduction and productivity boost for your team – creating opportunities for new ways of working
  • Best in class sales cadences that focus on proven factors of influence


Working with Martyn is like a dream. Full of knowledge, help and support. We are working on LinkedIn project together and the results have been amazing. Highly recommended.
Andy Magic

App Machine

Here at LettsPay, we were very new to the corporate social media world. Collate talks us through everything we need to set us up. Then their system did its magic and widen our reach far further than we ever imagined.
Garrett Foxon