The Future Is Here For Staffing & Recruitment Companies.

Imagine having a never ending supply of opportunities for your agency.


Collate Ra! wipes out non profitable research time and replaces it with high value, profitable sales opportunities.

Our software provides a weekly feed of the live roles that your agency should be filling, along with intelligence about the business and the direct contact details for the hiring managers.

Use Collate Ra! if you are:

An Established Recruitment Team

  • Allocate prospecting opportunities to team members
  • Take a consistent and intelligent approach to business development
  • Build a pipeline using a data lead methodology

A solo Recruiter

  • Maximise your limited time by focussing on the opportunities that are live now
  • Save critical time on research with a single view of the opportunity landscape and company data
  • Prospect significantly more clients

A Growing Recruitment Company

  • Ensure you have a stream of opportunity for your team
  • Adopt an approach that is proven to increase revenue per recruiter
  • Position your sales activity where there are live opportunities


Working with Martyn is like a dream. Full of knowledge, help and support. We are working on LinkedIn project together and the results have been amazing. Highly recommended.
Andy Magic

App Machine

Here at LettsPay, we were very new to the corporate social media world. Collate talks us through everything we need to set us up. Then their system did its magic and widen our reach far further than we ever imagined.
Garrett Foxon


How many more placements would you make with an extra 10 hours per week per recruiter?


Our software enables hyper productivity. Sit down. Open Collate Ra! and engage the right people in the right companies, right now.

View live roles and base your outreach on facts, data and credible research and market insight.

Our process

Collate Ra! is as unique as your agency

Eradicate wasted research time

No more searching for companies that are recruiting, finding who to speak to and researching their business. Collate Ra! does that for you.

Maximize your selling opportunities

One simple login to view all the current opportunities with links to websites, LinkedIn pages, company intelligence and names and contact details of hiring managers.

Open more doors. Make more placements

The logic is undeniable. The more companies you prospect, the more placements you will make. Collate Ra! supercharges the whole thing with live opportunities.

Generate astonishing revenue per recruiter

Collate Ra! optimises your sales activity so efficiently that your revenue per recruiter can increase dramatically.

Seeing is Believing. 

Book a demo with one of our product specialists today.

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