Generate Greater ROI From Existing Customers & Improve The Reputation Of Your Business.

Key features:

  • Improves customer retention + create upsell opportunities 
  • Enhances company reputation
  • Best in class customer engagement platform
  • Unique approach to developing greater ROI and finding new business
  • Improves your search visibility and credibility
  • Powered by cutting edge technology to engage your customers wherever they are

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Existing Customers:

  • First rate customer journey and engagement platform
  • Strengthen customer retention and reduce customer churn
  • Develop deeper relationships and demonstrate ongoing expertise
  • Upsell and create greater return on investment through existing customers
  • Establish needs with your customers proactively and serve them faster
  • Keep abreast of customer needs for upsell and referral opportunities

Your Business:

  • Enhance the reputation of your business with a steady stream of google reviews
  • Improve the social standing of staff members with LinkedIn recommendations
  • Grow your base of testimonials to help win new business
  • Rank higher in search results through positive reviews and recommendations
  • Generate long term ROI through our smart technology
  • Save over 50 hours a month which can be focussed on winning new business.

Use Collate Engage if you are:

An established team

  • Generate a greater ROI from existing customers
  • Improve the customer experience

A small business

  • Put your customer management on autopilot 
  • Develop a stream of opportunities without direct involvement

Involved in a B2B Market Place

  • Improve your search visability and reputation
  • Create a steady drip feed of communication to customers

Win New Business:

  • Get found easier by new customers looking on search engines
  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Improve referral pathways and referral fees from existing customers
  • Generate new relationships and new business using Collate
  • Use Collate to build relationships with new prospects and key accounts


  • Use in conjunction with Site Eye to spot new business opportunities
  • Create a unique experience for every customer, nurturing knowledge, opportunity and trust
  • Let Collate do the hard work and just engage at the point that require your expertise
  • Leverage your existing customers to grow organically with minimum input
  • Engage your customers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, Text Message & Letters
  • Share knowledge and expertise through personalised documents and sales materials

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Really excited about the work Martyn is doing for my sales team. We have a steady stream of top quality prospects that would be hard to reach without Martyn. Comes highly recommended.
Trevor Hudson

Sales Director, MEWA

After attending the Collate Systems training, I can say, from experience, that it’s the single most valuable training I have received. Insightful, actionable, and practical advice which will revolutionise your online profiles to truly engage with your audience.
Douglas Kirkpatrick

Clear Branding