Buyer Psychology and Search – what is it? The reasons people buy things are deeper than just “because they like it”. There’s a psychological reason behind every thought, action and emotion that we experience as humans. And our buying behaviour is no exception to that rule.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the psychological buying behaviours. Which, as a business, you can leverage to your advantage. Certainly, these are aspects that an SEO expert will use to encourage consumers to click on a link. And that an SEO agency will use to get the most effective results for their clients.

Buyer Psychology and Search #1 – Impatience of Buyers

Buyer Psychology and Search – What is it? Firstly, Buyers are typically impatient. In fact they don’t like to wait for things. In fact, there is a relatively new instant gratification culture developed through, as you may guess, the increased ability to be instantly gratified.

Let’s say your child asks you a question about insects that you don’t know the answer to. Do you take the time to source a related book from the library to find the answer for your child? Or do you whip your phone out and type in the question to get the answer for your child straight away?

It’s the same principle with buying. Because the ability to shop online makes it easy to search for things we want. Consumers browsing online stores in the evenings when they have nothing else to do accomplishes one main thing that you can take advantage of…

… it allows consumers to browse and select from a wide range of purchasing options and secure what they want almost instantly. They see what they want, and although they wont actually get it for a day or more (and realistically they could have gone to purchase it the next day) they have that instant gratification connected with knowing that they are definitely getting that thing that they want.

The Truth

The truth is, as consumers, we want what we want, and we want it now. And that’s exactly what we’re teaching our children when we search online for an instant answer to their questions.

With this in mind, we can leverage buyer impatience to our advantage by minimising the steps needed to make a purchase on our website. The easier and less time-consuming something is, the more likely your audience will be to buy something.

This is where professional agencies can help you. You can work with an SEO agency or a freelance SEO expert to audit your website and improve its speed. An SEO expert is usually proficient in digital marketing too, so they will help minimise the steps on your website between landing on your page and purchasing. They can also identify where people are falling off the sales funnel, and correct anything there.


Buyer Psychology Aspect #2 – FOMO

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is the psychological process businesses and SEO services use all the time to create a sense of urgency around making a purchase. An example of this would be “Only 2 spaces left, grab yours now”, or “70% off for one day only”.

In terms of Buyer Psychology, using phrases like these creates a subtle sense of panic. They actually push consumers to buy things that they wouldn’t usually buy.

Consider this; you’re thinking of buying a new laptop for your business, but it’s not something that you feel is completely urgent. Your intention is to just browse at this point. But then you see a really good deal that is only available for one day. There’s a much higher chance that you would buy that laptop on sale because in your mind you’re saving money down the line.

Conversely, without that FOMO aspect, you might have looked around some more, weighing up your options, reading reviews, and you may or may not go back to that specific store to buy it. This is a clever tactic utilised by SEO services all the time.


Buyer Psychology and Search #3 – Social Acceptance

Social acceptance is more dominant in society today than ever before, which is probably thanks to social media. When a trend takes off, it gains more traction as more people take to it, building momentum at a faster rate as it gets more and more popular.

But the question is, why?

Do the trend-hoppers make these purchases or adapt these lifestyles because they want to? Or, is there a psychological desire to feel accepted by peers that they perceive as being “like-minded”, or even superior?

The need for social acceptance is nothing new. And the desire to be part of a group that you can relate to is a natural part of human psychology. The difference now is that there are far, far more people in what could be described as “social groups”, because more people have access to each other through social media.

Therefore, the size of a social group could (theoretically) only be limited by the amount of people connected to the internet.

What Does it Mean?

Buyer Psychology and Search and Social Acceptance. What does this mean for businesses and the individuals offering those businesses their SEO Services?

It means there are potentially limitless possibilities of the amount of sales you can get. Because, not only do you have the opportunity to connect with everyone around the world with an internet connection, but so does each and every one of your buyers. It’s that connection with other people that causes trends to develop. And those trends, in turn, have the potential to go viral, which is what digital marketers strive for.

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