Boost Your Conversion Rate with SEO, using the Help of an SEO Expert. Every business website needs conversions. Conversions are what makes the digital world go round. Sometimes it can feel like you’re wondering round in circles, trying to encourage sales and conversions, but you’re not really getting anywhere fast.


Here we’re going to discuss boosting conversions and how an SEO expert can do just that:


Boost Conversion Rate with SEO

Boost Conversion Rate with SEO – If you’re working with a professional SEO company, they’ll usually ask you what your desired marketing campaign outcome is. This could be increased traffic, more brand awareness, more followers on social media, and of course, more conversions.

So what conversions do you want?

The obvious one is sales. All businesses need sales after all. But this is not the only possible conversion you can get. And furthermore, it’s not always the best aim initially.

A push for a sale straight off can have a negative effect on the potential customer’s experience with you. Depending on your business type, you may consider aiming for another kind of conversion first.

What Exactly is a Conversion Though?

A conversion can be any action that you want a visiting customer to take on your website. Here are some examples:

– Sales (the obvious one!)

– Signing up for a newsletter/updates

– Downloading an ebook

– Contacting you for more information

With these conversions, you are turning your traffic (or leads) into something much more meaningful and potentially profitable down the line. These converted leads have shown significant interest in what you’re offering.


So, How Can You Boost Conversion Rate with SEO?

Gaining conversions is all about strategic marketing. You need to have a definitive plan in place to lead people through sales funnel. Any SEO expert will tell you that the best way to turn traffic into conversions is to focus on generating targeted traffic.

Targeted traffic is traffic that has shown an interest in something related to your website. Google is clever at gathering all sorts of information about consumers. They share this information with you by offering use of their Google Analytics tools, including their keyword planner. This helps you to know who is visiting your website and what keywords potentially-interested searchers are typing into Google.

When you know these things, it becomes a lot easier to streamline your efforts and speak to the people you’re targeting, instead of using a random “anything goes” approach.


How Can An SEO Company Help Boost Conversions?

An expert SEO company will focus on one of the most important aspects of digital marketing; getting your website found in search engines.

It’s not just about being found though. You have to be found by the right people (targeted traffic). If you’re ranking for high-quality keywords, that means that people are typing those keywords into Google and Google has displayed your website in their search results. This means lots of free, organic, targeted traffic which will be much easier to boost conversions into something more.


When They Get to Your Site, What Can You do?

While your SEO company is busy working on your website’s ranking, consider what you’ll do when all that lovely targeted traffic comes your way. You don’t want all that hard SEO work to go down the drain as soon as someone lands on your page.

Now is your chance to turn that traffic into conversions. Here are some ideas to help you:

– Call-to-actions above the fold 

Keep you CTAs above the page fold (top part) so that they can be seen without scrolling down. Conduct A/B testing to test what colours or words work best for your audience. Play around with it and have fun. And of course, don’t forget to measure your results!

– Engaging and persuasive content

Your content needs to actually be interesting to read. Long, ramblings of text wont get you far. Keep it reasonably short and sweet, and break it up into subheadings and paragraphs so it’s scannable.

Creating Regular Content is Vital

 – Clearly label and link for easy navigation

This includes things like linking to your services page or price list. Clearly display how your audience can find this information and work on making it as easy possible.

– Always add value

It’s important to keep in mind that consumers don’t usually offer things for free, and that includes their personal information. Therefore, they are not going to give you their email address if they’re getting nothing in return. So, give them something in return! This could be an ebook or a newsletter. It could be a promise of being notified when you upload a new blog post. It could even be percentage off their first purchase with you.

If you’re not up for doing all this yourself, Collate Systems, a professional SEO expert agency for Malvern, Worcestershire, Birmingham and London can do it for you. In addition to your SEO work. So there really is no reason why you shouldn’t get those conversions that you want. Give us a call!


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