This is B2B lead generation 2.0

Contributes 100 hours per month

Long term quality is hard to maintain with all the day to day pressures of sales. Things slip. We make sure that every task that can be done on our side, is.

Better data = better decisions

Our technology allows to forecast the contact details for your buyers in a GDPR compliant way. Using the latest tools, we’re able to include addresses, emails and social media details as standard.

About the system

Your multi-channel outbound prospecting service. As unique as you are.

Save 30-40 per month

Using our system directly saves you time, not just through the actions we complete for you, but by the focused tasks we create that require your input. Each sales per person can save up to 2 hours per day through our systems.

Intelligent engagement

Our service helps position you as a thought leader in your field. Our unique dashboard will show you exactly which content you should add comments to as part of the sales cadence. Your buyers will know who you are and the value you offer before ever picking the phone up to you.


After attending the Collate Systems training, I can say, from experience, that it’s the single most valuable training I have received. Insightful, actionable, and practical advice which will revolutionise your online profiles to truly engage with your audience.
Douglas Kirkpatrick

Clear Branding

Really excited about the work Martyn is doing for my sales team. We have a steady stream of top quality prospects that would be hard to reach without Martyn. Comes highly recommended.
Trevor Hudson

Sales Director, MEWA

Improved quality & consistency

Once the sales cadences have been defined, you can relax safe in the knowledge that each and every task will be delivered as expected and when you intended them.

Reduce sales costs

Now more than ever, it’s important to reduce the cost of sales where possible. Each instance of our service is the equivalent to adding a full time employee to your sales team, only at a fraction of the cost.


Getting started is simple. You will have a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process.

Strong ROI

With more time focussed on speaking to buyers, selling and winning business, our service typically delivers over 160% ROI in the first year.

Personalised sales

Using our service unlocks benefits that are usually out of reach. Are you sending branded sales materials to every lead? Or is too time consuming? These things happen as standard with The Collate System.

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