Targeting your marketing investments to maximise lead generation requires a deep understanding of the marketing tactics and strategies available. Some businesses have personnel that are highly trained in this area. But many need help, a fresh perspective on the problem. One way to solve this issue is hire a seasoned B2B marketing consultant as they will provide the expertise you need to quickly identify suitable solutions.

However, consultants never actually do the work, so all they give you is the route to the solution, you still have to ‘walk the path’ yourself.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could be shown the way and then were supported, at least for a part of the time on that journey to success?

That is just what Collate is designed to do – click here to find out more


Business to Business Marketing is Different

At Collate we understand that B2B marketing is different to Business to Consumer marketing, it requires a unique approach, software and techniques. We understand these differences, and everything we do is designed with one aim in mind – to increase the level of qualified leads, sales, enquiries and interest in the products and services your business provides.

Digital Marketing

The Internet Marketing systems used, and specially designed by Collate, include LinkedIn, but that alone is not enough. To be truly successful in converting prospects to customers, you need the ability to reach them via multiple ‘touch points’. Our systems ensure the correct process (cadence) of these ‘touches’ is made. Some are via digital platforms like Twitter & LinkedIn, but we also use Emails, text messages, phone calls and personalised literature.

LinkedIn is a key part of our sales cadences, as this is a key method of influencing, and making contact with, your potential customers. The data is quite clear here: LinkedIn is one of the most effective Business to Business marketing channels available today.

Powerful B2B Communication

Sustainable business growth requires clear thinking. The manner in which your businesses Unique Selling Points and ‘marketing message’ is transmitted is a vital constituent of any B2B marketing strategy. This is an area in which we excel, our systems boosting your LinkedIn profile to ensure that everyone who views it understands that you and your business are experts in your field.

Our design and implementation teams ensure seamless delivery as well as a full evaluation of results, allowing you to evolve and re-frame your marketing strategy with your own success manager helping you every step of the way.

B2B marketing techniques

Collate is built with the understanding, that whilst similar in many ways, B2B marketing is different from B2C. One of the reasons for this is that consumers, more often than not, choose products not only on price but also on popularity, status, and many other emotional triggers.

On the other hand, B2B purchases are normally decided on price and profit potential alone.

Both require that the buyer ‘trusts’ the seller. It is not easy to build the necessary level of trust though, most buyers and other decision makers can track potential suppliers on social media platforms before they place any orders.

Of the social platforms, LinkedIn is key, which is why we first ensure that your profile is set up in the right way, and that your activity levels are of the required quality and quantity.

Demonstrating Knowledge and Expertise

Trust can be hard to gain, so finding new ways to encourage, and foster relationships through social media is a very hot topic. Our knowledge of how to use LinkedIn to establish your ‘business credentials’,  and your place as an expert in your field, pays dividends, providing you with an exciting and proven way of increasing sales.

Using Social media platforms in an effective manner allows you to open up a two-way conversation between your business and its potential customers

Building Value into Business Relationships From The Start

At the very heart of any effective B2B marketing campaign is the process by which valuable relationships are created. This is key, as it guarantees repeat orders and a long-term association with your customers.

The systems and processes employed at Collate allow you to create a firm base on which to build long term and profitable business relationships.

What can a B2B marketing consultant do for your business

Using our skills and our deep understanding of your market place, we can effectively place your product or service ‘in front of’ the best potential customers. This is achieved by representing your business and products in an exciting manner and creating the right environment, one that will lead to a long term business relationship

Our B2B consultants understand your business

It is vital for B2B marketers to understand their clients’ needs and the needs of their potential customers before implementing a B2B marketing strategy. Using our skills as a B2B prospector we can always guarantee maximum effectiveness for any given marketing spend.

Effective Marketing

This is one of the major differences to consumer marketing. Success in B2C marketing can be achieved with some clever advertisements, which are blasted out over many channels. If the advert is a good one, a percentage of consumers will buy. However, B2B marketing is much more specialised and requires that all marketing messages are tuned to the particular needs of each potential customer.

By working with you, our experienced project managers will construct the perfect marketing messages for all your potential customers, maximising the power of your LinkedIn account in the process.

Other B2B Topics Covered in our Blog

Besides advice on consultancy services, we also provide assistance and information on a variety of topics:-

Lead Generation

Using the data we have collected from LinkedIn, we can run a series of Lead Generation programmes, each one tuned to meet your specific needs.

Lead Generation Tips

We also offer advice on how to generate leads and sales, providing case studies on previous successful lead generation strategies, all of which will assist in your overall b2b marketing plan.

B2B Marketing Tips

The use of this ‘big data’ is examined and will show you how to target any business that you wish.

Email Lists and Business Contact Data Lists

Email lists, telephone numbers and names, are still used in marketing today and do have a good success rate. This blog discusses this ‘big data’ and how best to use it.