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There are many ways in which businesses can market themselves to other businesses. These include email marketing, direct mail, via Social Media channels such as LinkedIn and of course by telephone.

High Quality B2B data for your marketing campaign

The list of potential customers must be sourced from the best possible GDPR compliant data, this normally coming from a range of sources in the UK. The list is then refined and segmented, thus ensuring you obtain the maximum return on your investment.

The key to the operation is the way the list provider works with their clients so that they fully understand what your perfect clients look like, your target market area, objectives and the timescales.

All this allows the streamlining of the prospecting process, saving you money and more importantly time. The overriding factor, the point that makes all the difference in whether a business data list is good or bad, is that the good ones contain all the information on the decision-makers in the company that you that you wish to win business from.

Data Segmentation

The amount of data available is vast, far too vast to use without careful segmentation. This is why it is necessary for the list provider to fully understand your requirements, as only then can they go on to refine the data sets, sorting it using the following mechanisms, amongst others.

  • Data Sorted by Job Function
  • Data by Industry
  • Geographical Location
  • Size of Company
  • Speciality / Market Sector
  • Demographics – both personal and business age

 An alternative to inhouse list building

It is of course quite possible for any business to create their own list of postal, telephone and email contact addresses. However, this is a highly time consuming process. Overall, it is better to leave such matters to an expert data list provider.

B2B data for direct mail marketing

The data you will receive is far more than simply a list of postal addresses –the data being compiled by marketing experts who understand just what makes a great direct mail list.

These experts can also help your business in maximising the possible.

Business Data for Telemarketing

Employing a call centre is a proven and effective manner to obtaining leads, especially if the value proposition mentioned on the call is a good one. The process will however only work if the data set is accurate and does not include numbers for businesses listed on the TPS.

Great Value Business to Business Lists

Best Value for money – The lists that produce the best results not only contain the right contact data, they are also highly targeted, in that they only contain the names and addresses of those businesses in your target market that are most likely to convert.

This makes them not only highly effective – improving such factors as ‘open and bounce rates’,  but also fantastic value for money, therefore a higher ROI, as you’re only paying for the B2B data of businesses that are most likely to be interested in purchasing your product or service.

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