Are LinkedIn Ads worth it? Have you been using LinkedIn as a company to network, expand your business and reach your target audience? Then you’ve no doubt considered the use of LinkedIn Ads. 

Like many marketing campaigns, investing in paid advertisement will need a lot of thought before you part with your money. No matter what the company size or how big or small a budget may be, advertising is always an option.

But first, you must think about who your target audience is, which type of advertising campaign you want to run and what the return on investment may be.

Luckily, we look into these topics in further detail in other blog posts. But the planning doesn’t stop there. As you are spending money for such services, you need to know if the cost is worth it.


How to make successful LinkedIn Ads

Like many different social media platforms, an advertising campaign is another way to reach your audience. This is in addition to posting interesting content, engaging with other users and taking time to grow your followers.

LinkedIn is targeted at business professionals and boasted over 590 million users by 2019. This makes it one of the most reliable platforms for growing leads.

So as a B2B business, if you’re going to launch a marketing campaign, LinkedIn is the place to do it.

Whether your LinkedIn ads are successful in reaching your target audience or turning users into leads depends on various factors:

  • The type of campaign you run
  • The piece of content you share
  • The size of your budgets
  • What target market you want to reach

And much more.

Sometimes, it’s even down to something as simple as the type of products you sell, if any!

For example, if you’re looking to promote a quality video game, a different social platform may be more suited for this product.

The number of conversions (i.e. conversion rate from people to leads) how many clicks your advertisements get and what type of people look at your ad, all depends on you.

Your success cannot be guaranteed by simply running an ad.

Are LinkedIn Ads worth it?

With LinkedIn being the top platform for B2B Companies to advertise – it’s worth investing in LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn is highly effective for marketing, including sharing content on your company page, engaging with your audience and promoting your products.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Monitor is a great way to look at what type of conversions and clicks you can get based on your cost or budgets.

LinkedIn’s Campaign Monitor even has a useful tool that helps predict how far your reach, based on budget.

In Conclusion

The short answer is yes. LinkedIn Ads are worth it. You can quickly check this for your business by entering your budget within the LinkedIn Forecasted Results box.

Here, you can see in more detail if the advertisements are worth your budget. That can be from £10 daily budget to £500 overall!

Remember that the success of your content marketing efforts isn’t based entirely on your budget for social media advertising.

As explained before, it’s a lot more than that. To reach your company goals of promoting your products and services, you must do more.

Remember, engagement with users is important, just like you do on other social media sites. You can use LinkedIn’s tools to produce great content such as questions, images and videos. Remember to keep your business profile up to date.

To target additional traffic, try taking inspiration from advertisers across similar industries too. Any good B2B Marketers or advertisers know what type of content or news feed ads to share to grow traffic!

Is your target is to turn active users into qualified leads through advertising on social networks?

If so, LinkedIn ads are definitely worth it for business owners.


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Are LinkedIn Ads Worth it? For Your Business?
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