About Our Data

About our data – GDPR and PECR Compliance 

Collate Systems provide a B2B lead generation solution that allows B2B organisations to prospect other organisations they have a legitimate interest in engaging with, in a GDPR compliant way. 

Data Dive is our unique solution for GDPR compliant B2B prospecting. It is not an individual database. 

Data Dive is a custom application combined with human processes that create GDPR compliant data sets for our clients, each time they are requested. 

We do maintain encrypted values of unique identifiers of business profiles we have processed for ourselves or on behalf of our clients in order to facilitate data subject requests, objection or restriction requests. 

You can request that we do not process your personal data here and will cease to do so within 28 days. 

Where Does Collate Systems Source It’s Data From? 

Collate Systems sources data from a variety of public and private sources. Our data falls into one of three categories. It is either publicly available, such as business or other social profiles, can be calculated based on other publicly available data or has been opted into via GDPR and CCPA compliant databases. 

We aggregate data that is aligned to our own, or our clients requirements based on a legitimate interest in direct marketing to them. Once aggregated we use proprietary processes and algorithms to weight and score the data until we are confident of the accuracy and compliance. 

This includes cleansing data against appropriate opt lists. 

Collate Systems are committed to being fully GDPR compliant. If you wish to permanently opt out from having your data used, you can do so via this form. 

We process data using the ‘legitimate Interest’ section of the GDPR. We only create data sets and deliver campaigns that are required for our clients’ legitimate interests. Recital 47 of the GDPR states that this includes direct marketing: 


Further, we minimise the data that is needed for each client project, processing only the minimum levels to complete each project. 

Once a project has been delivered for a client, the dataset is permanently deleted, aside from encrypted metadata that allows us to fulfill our requests related to complaints or opt outs.  This ensures an ongoing commitment to best practices and ensures we are not maintaining B2B data for any longer than is needed. 

We are registered with the ICO and we are committed to maintaining the best possible practices under the GDPR.