Pay Per Click Advertising – 5 Things to Know. One of the most popular and powerful ways of marketing online is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC.) It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that incorporates your budget, restraints and helps you achieve your targets.

But how much do we really know about PPC? Here are the top 5 things you need to know about pay per click advertising – and how to get the most out of it!

1.    Mobile Optimisation Is Key to Successful PPC Advertising

Advertisements that are optimised for mobile viewing do better than others. In fact, since Google drives 95% of paid search ads clicks on mobile devices, it’s absolutely essential to create content that performs seamlessly across all devices and screens.

In other words, make sure your website and advertisements have a mobile responsive design.

2.    The Top Paid Ads Get More Attention

The top three paid spots on Google are the most clicked ones – in fact, they’re 41% more likely to be clicked! And what makes a top ad the best amongst the rest?

Well, it’s high quality, for starters! Therefore, make sure that your advertisement has included all the relevant information needed to up its ranking and improve visibility.

3.    Negative Keywords Matter

Yes – you read that right. Because negative keywords do matter. And they are the phrases and words that indicate disinterest in your website. By including these in your Pay Per Click advertising, it is a pretty smart way of filtering out an audience that isn’t your potential target. And then re-strategising to target a bankable audience.

By including the negative keywords in your marketing strategy, you will also make your ads not appear in unqualified searches. Thereby meaning you save money, too!

4.    The Higher the Click Through, the Lower the Cost Per Click

And research has shown that for every 0.1% increase in click-through rates, there’s a 20% decrease in cost – meaning you pay less for each click.

Also, this is also one of the most important parts of Google’s Quality Score ratings when it comes to search advertising, and business is definitely all about the best cost.

5.    Adding a Call-to-Action Always Ups Your PPC Game

It turns out that more than half of the users 50%, who come across Pay per click advertising, actually call the advertisers. Not only do users like being empowered with information, but this works as a great opportunity to up your marketing game.

Therefore, by adding calls to action, especially in the form of: clickable phone numbers, emails or query forms. Therefore, your engagements rates begin to increase, and your bounce rate begins to drop.

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