Twitter marketing – where the world of social media marketing gives you access to 326 million users every month. And with a huge pool of potential clients, it’s time to utilise Twitter to optimise sales and revenue.

A well-crafted marketing strategy is the best asset. Using available resources to bank on those strategies is even better. So here are some cool facts you need to know about marketing on Twitter:

1.     Twitter Marketing Really Sells!

Twitter marketing strategies really work! Research claims that around 40% of Twitter users say that they have made a purchase because of their favourite influencer’s tweets.

It goes to show how important a 150-character message can really be! Digital Marketing on Twitter increases your chances of being @’d at by famous influencers or celebrities, increasing the likelihood of customer engagement.

2.     Optimise Your Twitter Time

Just like other social media platforms, Twitter also works on a schedule. And according to data analytics, the best time to send out a tweet is around mid-day or lunchtime on weekdays – precisely 3pm to be exact. Because B2B brands and B2C enterprises have noted better results when they scheduled their tweets around this time.

3.     Get Creative with Twitter Marketing

Marketing companies tell you that Twitter marketing strategies are all about being creative. And it turns out that tweets which are paired with videos attract ten times more engagement. (See our blog below on videos.) After all, on a platform with limited character space, the best way to get an audience’s attention is visual media. And don’t forget those all important Keywords and SEO tips we’ve given you!

Another statistic states that tweets with GIFs also get 55% more engagement. So you know what to do – don’t forget to add a picture or video in your next tweet!

4.     Appearances Really Do Matter

It’s absolutely essential to make yourself as distinguishable as possible if you plan on marketing on Twitter. Therefore make sure your Twitter handle, profile picture, bio, and other features are unique and creative.

In addition, it’s best to keep your Twitter identity consistent with your profiles on other platforms; it’s an intelligent way of distinguishing your brand from the others. Keep your presence unique!

5.     Don’t Forget to Engage with Your Twitter Audience

Above all, one of the best twitter marketing strategies that works is audience engagement. So remember to be interactive, “@” your followers and tag people.

In conclusion, this means you’ll also increase your engagement by mentioning people, retweeting, liking, and following your audience’s tweets. However, time is of the essence; something to note is that 42% of users expect a reply within an hour!

However, if this is all too much like hard work, don’t stress. Because we’re here so you can relax and get on with whatever else you have on. Collate Systems, expert Digital Marketers for Malvern, Birmingham, Worcestershire and London, can help you with all your social media needs. Why not let our UK Digital Marketing agency specialists do the hard lifting and find ways to increase your revenue and online presence. Call for a chat this afternoon.


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