Explainer Videos are Awesome – 5 Reasons Why -In a world where video marketing has become a popular trend, it’s no surprise that 87% of businesses are using videos to create brand awareness and promote their products and services.

Explainer Videos are Awesome – Thanks to mobile phones and fast internet, videos have become more accessible, yielding great user engagement. And the best thing about video marketing for businesses is that it is super easy and a whole lot of fun! If you aren’t sure where to start, Explainer Video is a great option that allows you to give a run-down of what your business is all about and how your products and services work – in just a few minutes. Quite interestingly, 96% of people report that they have watched an Explainer Video to gather more information and gain a proper understanding of a product or service. It’s also great for your SEO!

So, what is it that makes these videos so effective – for both businesses and their audience?

Let’s dive in to discover!

1.     Concise and Creative Videos

Perhaps the best thing about Explainer Videos is that they aren’t over-dragged, boring, or monotonous. Therefore you can get as creative as you want. From jokes and music to unique animation features, there is just so much that you can experiment with!

Therefore Explainer videos hit home with your audience in the shortest amount of time. As a result when you come up with interesting, short videos, there’s no reason why your audience would bail out early.

With an exciting Explainer Video, you have the chance to tap into the minds of your customers. Therefore helping with your online presence and Search Engine Optimisation.

2.     Talk about a Problem with a Solution in Your Video

The linear progression of videos with time brings you the opportunity of demonstrating a chain of causality from problem to solution.

Sure, you can impress your audience by writing about how your products and services can meet their needs. But it will never have the kind of effect videos have. For instance, illustrating that what you offer is exactly what your customer is looking for, is the key to bringing more and more customer through your doors.

Creating Regular Content is Vital


3.     Maximum Compatibility of Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos can be used on different platforms. You can upload it onto YouTube, embed it into your website’s home page, or even turn it into a slideshow presentation! Likewise you can use it for a welcome to our website, welcome to our company, welcome to our new product. Also, it can be used on your site for every product you sell, or just the main popular ones! Perhaps you have a need to explain a charity you are supporting? Or, you might want to use it for the board meeting.

Also, they are short and therefore easy to transfer. Which is one of the reasons why businesses find these videos time, energy, and cost-efficient.

4.     Explainer Videos Offer Value for both New and Old Customers

Although Explainer Videos are primarily used to target potential customers to convince them to become your loyal customers, they also offer great value for your existing customer base.

You can use these videos as tutorials explaining different aspects of your products and services. And in the modern digital world, people are more interested in learning visually. So, businesses that invest in video marketing smartly work their way to grab and keep their audience’s attention, making it easy for them to understand the core message.

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